Gammalosten's Venner

Friends of Oldcheese (Cheese of the Vikings)

Established 12/11/1997 to promote Gammalost awareness.

Gammalost, Gammalost
Rah Rah Rah
no more Roquefort
Ha Ha Ha
sweeter than old socks
stronger than dry fish
give me more Gammalost
I want to feel more frisk
never fear for spoiling
it's been well past all that
send me the Gammalost
it melts away the fat
Gammalost, Gammalost
where are you today
we made you every summer
when we would cut the hay
MP3 version of Gamalost Song (c) 1997 Gunderson&Roberts
sitting in the saeter
turning golden brown
why are you so hard to find
in this modern town
why are all the good things past
where have they all gone
why do we all live so fast
you know it must be wrong
bring me back that good ol' cheese
and then thank God above
I need to have my gammalost
it's one thing that I love
soured in a bucket
heated in a pot
now you know 'bout gammalost
I like it quite a lot
If you wish to keep a copy of this "Old Cheesy Song" please share a dollar or two with Scott Roberts the Musician c/o Rawhide Express 296 Arlene Ave. S.E. , Salem, Oregon 97302
god gammal gammalost
ost uten møse
naar den er ferdig
spiser hele huset
straks før jul
naar snøen ligger dypt
så kan vi spise
kvar en liten bit
(c)Ed Gunderson 1997
Aftenposten Søndag 28/9/1997 skrev at
gammelost "En gammel osteperle" er lavet fra sur
skummet melk og ikke noe annet på
gammelmåten, følgelig navn. Aftenposten sier at
gammelosten var talt om i Njåls saga. Så er det
klar at gammalost har vært Norsk kost i mange
år. Gammelostmeieret i Vik i Sogn lager 200
tonnene gammelost årlig.

Gammalost or Oldcheese as opposed to gammal ost or old cheese is an ancient Norwegian food. It can add a lot of taste to some otherwise bland food and it keeps well. Many traditional Norwegian foods could be stored for long periods without refrigeraton: flat bread, dry salted meats, Gammalost, dried fish etc. It has a sharp flavor and will probably be appreciated by anyone who appreciates Brie, Camenbert, Roquefort, or Blue Cheese. Gammalost is a firm if not granular cheese and is best sliced with a cheese plane as shown in the photo.

In the days when young girls spent summers in the mountain saeters of Norway Gammalost was made each June. Skim milk was allowed to sour in a large wooden bucket. It was then heated in a large cast iron pot. When the curds separated they were placed in a wood form with cheese cloth and the liquid drained out. The drained cheese was placed on a warm shelf in the saeter hut and taken down to the farm with the animals in the fall. By Christmas the cheese had fermented to a brown color and was ready to eat. This information was passed on by Ruth Durham Magnussen of Betna, Norway. She made Gammalost as a young girl in Norway. Making gamalost at Beten Sæter in the 1930's. We plan to publish her description in Nordmørsk (Norwegian Dialect) soon. Gammalost was reported to prevent sickness and infection.

I remember asking my great uncle Arthur how Gammalost was made. His tale was something like, take some cheese, stuff it in an old sock bury it in the manure under the barn and when it is ready it will crawl out. Some Gammalost smells like his recipe could be true, but Gammalost today does not smell strong. Arthur did say you could eat Gammalost instead of taking pennicillin. Some stories and referances sent to us.If you have any Gammalost stories with us or just let us know what you think of Gammalost.

The only commercially produced gamalost today come from the Tine Dairy in Vik Norway. They use the filamentous fungi mucor mucedo to transform the curds to cheese.
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