Presque Isle Lake Weather  

Presque Isle, Wisconsin.  Known as "Wisconsin's Last Wilderness"


Due to several factors in my life (family, etc.), I will no longer be updating this website. 


I can no longer commit to daily/weekly/monthly readings and reporting, regular

maintenance, and the cost of lots of my time, internet, software, and web services.


It grieves me to retire this hobby, as I have put a lot of myself into this.  

It has been seven years of labor and love.

It is/was a great passion for me.  But it is only a hobby that now has to be retired.


I know I have a lot of loyal support.  I frequently get 600 'hits' a day (people accessing

the website).  Many of you have helped me out financially as well to keep it running.

I thank each one of you.


If you want to contact me for anything, you can reach me at




P.S.  Below are the links from my website to view more specific information.


For external sources, like the US windflow, radar images, road conditions, fire/drought status,

please take note of the link to them, and make them a 'favorite' or 'bookmark', etc.


For my own charts, like snow data, rain data, lake water levels, weather averages/records,

etc., then you can print off the charts for your own use.


Current Radar

Current Snowmobile Trail Report

Yearly Snow History

Monthly / Yearly Rainfall

Lake Water Levels for Last 3 Years

Averages and Records

Hourly Forecast (12 hours)

U.S. Current Wind Flow

Current DROUGHT Status



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