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The Game of Dots – Origin, Value of - 2
Why “Dots”? - 3

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Page 2

The Game of Dots
Origin of the game, Putting a value on the Individual Dot, Why Dots?

To start at the beginning is usually considered the best course of action in an endeavor of this kind. Just so, we will attempt to explain the origin of the honorable and excellent game of dots.

Many centuries ago, it now seems, a bonny contingent of golfers assembled upon the first tee of what was to become their “home course” and what also turned out to become a “regular foursome” in nature, as the years progressed...

As the game lends itself to the occasional wager, one of the foursome inevitably asked the question: “What are we playing for”? And so it started...

As one of the members will be forever remembered to state: “Since we are all on the UNLIMITED golf & greens fees plan and I intend to play you SEVERAL THOUSAND holes this season, I WON’T play for more than a quarter, period!  A quarter’s enough!”

Well, being well grounded in the TRADITION of golf, and fully aware of the PLACE of ORIGIN of the game, not to mention the THRIFTY nature of it’s inhabitants and ancient founders, it was soon agreed that a quarter seemed to be a very good starting point.

It was quickly realized that we had “hit” upon something in this quarter business! It kept losses to a manageable level of the family budget. It kept the game on a fairly friendly level (though it will be soon found out that the golfer will fight like a cornered rat for that hard earned quarter (or “DOT” as you will ALSO soon learn), and a good time could be had by all for what seems to be minimal expense on each party involved, win or lose, and sustainable for many years.

Hence, the value of a dot is set at a quarter. This can be RAISED to a dollar, or a POUND Sterling if so desired... However, we WILL NOT be responsible for the hard feelings and loss of FRIENDSHIPS that WILL MOST CERTAINLY occur if the “stakes” are raised!

Be forewarned!




Page 3

Why Dots?
Well, the answer’s very simple! As the game is contested in, on, over, and around the course, the WINNER (if any) of a given hole is honored with the winning of a dot (or DOTS, as the case may be). This “dot” is placed on the scorecard in the appropriate hole slot.

At the END of the round, it is then very simply a matter of adding all the various contestants’ "dots" and adding or subtracting (as fate and one’s ability would have it) to arrive at the gains or losses for the round (or DAY, if you’re not going on)...

This point brings to mind rule number ONE of the game of dots:


Do NOT pay, `till the END of the day!

Reference #1: Note Dot for g-Greenie and s-Sand Save. Squares around score denote bogie (if worse than bogie, enter strokes OVER in upper right hand corner of box). Circle birdies, “Star” Eagles. This makes it MUCH easier to TOTAL strokes score.

Total Dots at right (usually in “net” column).





Page 4






SINGLE Dots are won by a player who:
1) Has the lowest score on a given hole (PAR or better needed to win).
2) Gets up and down in one stroke for par out of a sand trap. [“Sand Save/Sandy”]
3) Is closest to the hole on a par three [“Greenie”] (see pucker rule).
4) Scores a bogie after a stroke that incurred a penalty. (Out of bounds, in a Water Hazard, Lost Ball [Only IF using stroke and Distance Rule]).
5) On any par 5 in two shots.

DOUBLE Dots are won by:
1) A birdie (providing no other player gets one also).
2) Greenie above and being the ONLY player making Par on a Par 3 hole.
3) Sandie above and being the ONLY player making Par on a Par 3 hole.
4) On a par 5 in 2 and also only player to make Par. [Three putts NOT penalized in this case].

TRIPLE Dots are won by:
1) A greenie followed by a subsequent BIRDIE (and no ties) [“Triple Crown”].
2) On a par 5 in two and making Birdie (and no ties) [“Triple Crown”].
3) Making PAR after a penalty stroke for out of bounds or water hazard. (ties or not)
4) A legitimate 2 shot EAGLE on a par four hole. (ties are out of the question)
5) Holing out the Sand Save on a par 3 (i.e. Sand Save Birdie). (ties or not)

1) On the green in two on a par 5 and making Eagle [“Quadruple Crown”].
2) Holing out the Sand Save on a short par 4 for EAGLE (i.e. Sand Save Eagle).

And Finally.....

FIVE Dots: “ The Royal Crown"
1)Can, of course, BEST be won with the elusive HOLE IN ONE!

2)A DOUBLE EAGLE on a par 5 also counts 5

Page 5

USGA Rules apply with the following additions:

The “Pucker” Rule (and "greenies"):
(applies to certain par 3’s only)

A “PUCKER” is the name for a ball mark on the green.

As one person in the foursome was not a very long hitter by nature, and it was his tendency to run the ball up in the manner of a man TWICE his age, the term “Geezing the ball” was born and the subsequent rule duly made at the winter annual meeting (see below) that a PROPER PUCKER (i.e. Ball mark) must be made on a certain hole of only 130 some odd yards. If this pucker cannot be readily pointed out if questioned by ANY member of the foursome, then the greenie WILL NOT be counted. This is a local rule you might use on your shortest par 3 and according to the nature of the particular Geezer in your group.

NOTE: A “Practically Perfect Pucker” can best be described as a Properly Placed Pucker of Prodigious Proportions. The walls of said Pucker are of uniform height and the “crater” is concaved to Perfectly reflect the lower hemisphere of the golf ball. (Sometimes known as a Prodigious Pucker as the pucker can reach prodigious proportions).

Flag Tending Rule:
Whoever wins the dot MUST replace the flag, starting at the first dot won. This person will be known as the “FLAG BOY” (or person if in a mixed setting (NOT recommended as the language can become a little “blue” at times in the heat of the dot hunt)... Until a winner surfaces, person with the WORST SCORE tends the flag.

The Flag boy MUST tend the flag(s) until the next player in the foursome wins a dot, whereby he... will become the current flag boy.

LEVEL #2/3/4:
The flag boy will continue to tend and replace the “pin” as noted above. IF said flag boy keeps on winning dots during his rein, he will then advance on to the level of "Pin Jerk" ... and if this winning streak EXPANDS to what is considered by the group to be in excess, he can be said to have achieved the dubious honor of moving up and becoming a “PIN PRICK” without recourse, and can be said to reach MASTER PIN PRICK if the winning continues to a excruciating (for the opponents) level.

Three Putt Rule:
Should a player be in line for scoring a greenie, and THREE PUTT, said player LOSES the greenie and scores NO dots because he scored bogie. In addition, if a SECOND player had been “beat out” of a legitimate greenie by the THREE PUTTER above and consequently PARS the hole in 2 putts, second player TAKES the greenie.

NOTE: An empty chalk line tool easily purchased at any hardware store has been found to be the quickest and easiest way to measure “who gets the greenie”. This device fits into a golf bag easily and can be always “at the ready”. Simply play the string out from the flag to the front of one ball, hold that measuring point and “arc” over to the contested ball to settle the controversy, then reel the string back in.


Royal Crown Rule:
Should a member or members score a hole in one (ace), the other members of the foursome are OBLIGATED to buy the ace a STEAK DINNER at the inn or eating house of his choice (within reason) being defined as within an hours drive of the course, or mutually agreed upon location. (This rule usually applied to a REGULAR foursome)

NOTE: The maker of the elusive hole in one (THE ROYAL CROWN) and upon a majority vote of the current MEMBERS of the RIGHT HONORABLE COMPANY OF THE ROYAL CROWN tm, shall be inducted into the said Right Honorable Company with full membership and all  benefits applicable to this honor.

Hurl Rule:

It is desired that all dots be paid in 25 cent pieces, US... However:

Though accepted, should any settlement of dots owed be paid in PENNIES or other loose change, the PAYEE shall be required to PICK UP said pennies if and when the PAYOR so elects to HURL said pennies to the putting surface (only).


Sub Ruling:

Any official DOT participant is allowed ONE and ONLY ONE hurl per annum due to the ever constant consideration for fast play.

Annual Meeting:
TWO annual meeting are sanctioned per year. The winter rules and gripe session meeting (sometimes held concurrently with the Steak Dinner above) and the annual EMERGENCY meeting, found to be of the utmost importance! (see below)

The EMERGENCY annual meeting is a summer meeting that CANNOT , however, be held PRIOR to July the 4th.

Par or Better:
A player MUST have Par or better to win a dot. In addition, if ONE (other member) TIES ALL TIE for MOST dots [i.e.: "No Blood"]  *(see TRIPLE Dots above, rules 3,4, & 5. Any ties on these shots, BOTH win)!

Ruling Calls:
Any cry (or whimper) for a ruling by any party in the foursome MUST necessitate the gathering of ALL members to discuss the situation. Said discussion should be held under BOTH as sober and as solemn a decorum as can be mustered under the individual circumstance.








Page 7




Specialty Dots:

Ice Save:

An up and down from a ball at rest on a frozen pond or lake, and a minimum of 12 feet from nearest bank in line to hole, scores a DOUBLE DOT, regardless of the thickness of the ice.


Water Save:

An up and down out of the water scores a double dot as well. NOTE: player must have at least ONE foot submerged in the water.

Special water save addendum:

Snake Bite sub-rule:

It was duly decided that IF, during the water save attempt above, should the player be bitten by a snake IN THE BACKSWING ONLY... and get up and down, a TRIPLE dot will be awarded! Certainty of puncture will rest solely upon agreement of playing partners with MEDICAL CERTIFICATION on a 3/4's vote if necessary.

It was further decided that said backswing must be in a ROUTINE and normal manner. NO double pumping, or delaying of that sort to allow said snake time to reach the player is allowed!



The snake bite ruling above should be considered for mid to northern climes only. As such, in parts of the world where other reptiles reside, such as ALLIGATORS, CROCODILES and the like, there is no such additional dot for a bite from those types of creatures, and it is HUMBLY recommended that you simply:












Page 8

Each member will procure a coin bag or purse READILY STOCKED with quarters and of such a size as to fit easily in ones golf bag pocket for PROMPT payment at the end of the day.

The motion has been made to award a “PinPrick of the Year” award at the winter annual meeting. Said award NOT to cause an expense of more than THREE dollars per member. This, however was TABLED at the EMERGENCY summer annual meeting and has not been finalized, due, of course, to some controversy or other...

The maker of the elusive hole in one (THE ROYAL CROWN) and upon a majority vote of the current MEMBERS of the RIGHT HONORABLE COMPANY OF THE ROYAL CROWN tm, shall be inducted into the said Right Honorable Company with full membership and all  benefits applicable to this honor. (see above)

A rule cannot be added or changed EXCEPT at the ANNUAL winter rules and gripe session meeting.

As this was soon found to create almost immediate controversy, another annual meeting was obviously required as a solution.
Hence the birth of the Summer Emergency annual meeting.

Any rule must be passed by majority at one or more of these annual meeting in as expeditious, reasonableness of manner, and as good a cheer as circumstances allow.

(See above and above)

Page 9

AND LASTLY (Our Credo)
(It was ascertained that with a project of this magnitude, one "must needs" a credo)...

TRY to

Remember...It’s ONLY a Game...
And it’s ONLY a QUARTER!


  The Game of Dots
(by John B. Richardson)


Invented by:

Mr. John B. Richardson Cuba, Missouri
Mr. Craig Elsner, Steelville, Missouri
Mr. Phillip Bass, Steelville, Missouri
Mr. Donald Britton, Cuba, Missouri


Founding Members:

Mr. John B. Richardson Cuba, Missouri

Mr. Craig Elsner, Steelville, Missouri
Mr. Phillip Bass, Steelville, Missouri
Mr. Donald Britton, Cuba, Missouri


Earned Members: (Hole in One DURING a dot competition)

Mr. David Voss, Cuba, Missouri (Deceased Jan. 20, 2009)