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Your hosts are the Smiths:

Charles (Papa Turtle)

Denice (Mama Turtle)

Flynn (Young Adult Turtle)

Teagan (Teen Turtle)

"The Turtle"
by Flynn Thomas Smith
Class of 2001

Col 1 

What is Logo? 

Logo is a special hands-on, minds-on way of interacting with a computer. For excellent information about the Logo language, refer to The Logo Foundation or read our handout from the January 1998 St. Louis NCTM Regional Convention.  

Who is the Turtle Family? 

We are Charles, Denice, Flynn and Teagan Smith. All four of us use and love Logo in one way or another. Charles and Denice are teachers and use Logo in their classes. Teagan and Flynn are students who use Logo as a learning tool. Teagan and Flynn also assist in Logo Presentations done by the family.  

Previous Presentations Done by the Turtle Family:

Missouri Math/Science Interface 1994, 1995, and 1996  

NCTM Regional Meeting at Kansas City, 1996  

NCTM Regional Meeting at St. Louis, 1998 (handout from that meeting is available here.) 
The presentation at the St. Louis meeting consisted of a four hour hands-on workshop on the use of Logo in Middle School and Intermediate School classrooms. The teachers at the session represented schools from Michigan to Florida. A polygons worksheet from that workshop is available here. 

Missouri Math Attack Symposium, 1995, 1996, 1999, 2000 

Some Fantastic Logo Links: 

The Logo Foundation: a great place to start your tour of the Logo world. Many more links are found here. 

The Logo Forum: a discussion group for people all ages who are interested in Logo. To subscribe, just go to the web page and follow the directions.

 'Ndahoo'aah program: Monument Valley High School combines ancient Navajo art with Logo 

 Brian Harvey's Homepage: Brian is the major developer of UCBLogo, a freeware version of Logo for MS/DOS, Mac, and Unix. 

MSWLogo: A freeware version of Logo for Windows. It is really UCBLogo taken to the EXTREME! 

Middle School Math Teachers:

Click here to learn about Missouri's Math Attack!

The Turtle Family can be reached  
by email. We would love to hear from you!  
Just send an email to: mrchuc(at)math.fan.org (please replace (at) with @ to make it a vaild email address. I only want to hear from human beings not SPAM robots. Sorry for the extra step.)

Our resumes:

Charles T. Smith's Resume 

Denice F. Smith's Resume  

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