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In Coal Hill, go south on Main (Main turns into Johnson County Road 327) for 1.2 miles, then left on Johnson County Road 1. The West Cemetery is .2 of a mile on the left. Donna Williams, contributed the following information and photos of Chailer burials at the West Cemetery near Coal Hill, Arkansas. All publishing rights, print and electronic, of inventory and photos remain the property of Donna Williams.  Each of the thumbnails below are active links to larger versions of the photo
Chailer graves.JPG (130458 bytes)

Chailer Graves

This picture shows the  headstones of the sons of John Chailer, their wives and children who died young.

Mound.JPG (118424 bytes)

Chailer Mound

This mound is the grave of the original Chailer (John) who immigrated to the US from Italy, his wife Malinda Elizabeth and several infants.

Infant of
I. C. and Eliza
Chalier born
Feb. 20, 1886
& died Feb. 20, 1886
Infant Chailer.JPG (122649 bytes) James C.
son of
JC & MJ Childers
born May 24, 1880
died July 12, 1884
Tony S. son of
I. C. and Eliza
Chialer born
April 16, 1887
& died May 24, 1893
Tony S Chailer.JPG (123025 bytes) Malie
wife of
G.      D. Chailer
and daughter of
AW & MJ Stovall
died Dec. 11, 1889
aged 20 yr. 4 mo. 28 d.
Birtha May
dau of I. C. &
Eliza Chailer
Born Nov. 25, 1901
Died Feb. 18, 1902
Birtha May Chailer.jpg (123434 bytes) Farewell dear wife
You are gone to rest
ME Chailer
born March 3, 1845
died July 18, 1896
aged 51 y 3 mo 13 days
Born in Poke Co. MO
Was a Christian 30 yrs
M E Chailer.JPG (99528 bytes)
I. C. Chailer
November 25, 1874
March 1, 1917
I C Chailer.JPG (105368 bytes) Moses
son of
John & Elizabeth
born & died
July 16, 1884
It was an
angel that
visited the
green earth
and took a
flower away.
Moses Chailer.JPG (97278 bytes)
John W. Chailer
Dec. 12, 1903    
March 12, 1945
John Henry
son of
J & M Chailer
born Mar 3, 1861
died Aug 28, 1872
Was sick only two days with brain fever
John Henry Chailer.JPG (82894 bytes)
Eliza Jane Chailer
July 4          April 23
1878            1957

dau of
John & Elizabeth
born Mar 9, 1880
died June 29, 1881
Sick two days
Catherine Chailer.JPG (54522 bytes)
G.      D. Chailer
Dec. 28, 1866
July 28, 1899
John Chailer
Born in Italy
died Jan 11, 1913
John Chailer.JPG (68658 bytes)
Ora E.
dau of
JC & MJ Childers
born May 22, 1878
died Sept 14, 1878
Hannah Clifton
born Oct 27, 1770
died Oct 4, 1824 or 74
God gave-he took
he will restore
he doeth all things well
Hannah Clifton.JPG (84388 bytes)

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