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Located south of I-40, Section 35 Township 10 North Range 25 West on private property. The cemetery receives no regular maintenance but some families have fenced plots to prevent damage from farm animals. These fences show signs of damage and deterioration. Many of the stones have been seriously damaged.  Gene and JoAnn Hardgraves  retain all rights to the photographs and following inventory. Contact the Hardgraves for more information.

The chain link enclosure for the Arbaugh family plot has sustained considerable damage. Vines and briars mask the burial place of some of Johnson County's earliest settlers.

 Gene and JoAnn Hardgraves report twenty six rocksand headstones in this fenced area.

    Cattle roam among the gravestones of Steele Cemetery. An estimated ninety-three graves lie outside of fenced burial plots. Most of these graves are marked by native field stones.

Francis Arbaugh
Died 28 Oct 1844 In his 88 Yr.
Mary M.
Wife of Francis Arbaugh
Died 10 Feb 1850 Aged 75 yrs.
Conraud Arbaugh
Died  10 Oct 1840 Aged 36 Years.
Elizabeth Arbaugh
Died 2 Apr 1834 Aged 34 Years.
F. H. Arbaugh
Died  10 Aug 1893 
Wife of F.H. Arbaugh
Died 7 May 1890 Aged about 65 yrs.
Alice E.
Dau. of  F.H. & Levina Arbaugh
Born 28 Apr 1858
Died 10 Mar 1867
Dau. of F.H. & Levina Arbaugh
Born 15 Jan 1855
Died 9 Aug 1858
Infant Dau.
of  F. H. & Levina Arbaugh
Died 1 Dec 1865
Aged 4 Mo
Mary F.
Dau. of F.H. & Levina Arbaugh
Born 13 Jul 1861
Died 23 Jul 1867
Dau. of F.H. & Levina Arbaugh
Born 30 Nov 1848
Died 5 Sep 1854

William P.
Son of F.H. & Levina Arbaugh
Born 27 Aug 1851
Died 10 Aug 1863  

T.S. [Footstone]  

Louisa Jane
Dau. of  Jim & Jennie  Steele
3 Sep 1887
23 Jun 1889  

  Cicro Whitfield
son of Dr. R.W. & Mary S. SENTER
Born 2 Jul 1869
Died 23 Aug 1869


Mary M. C.
Daughter of R.W. & M.S. Senter
Born 26 Aug 1871
Died 5 Jan 1873 Aged 1 Y. 4 M, 9 D.
Sacred to the Memory of
Dr. R. W. Senter
Husb. of  Mary S. Senter
Born  19 Jan 1837
Died  30 Nov 1872
 Weathers graves in a fenced enclosure.

RESTORED 3, 1969

Henry J. Weathers
Born 8 Apr 1818
Died 14 Apr 1886
Joshua Weathers
Born 22 May 1846
3 Dec 1885
Tenesee Ann
 wife of J. Weathers
Born 9 Apr 1858
Died 3 Apr 1884
For more information about this neglected frontier cemetery contact:
Gene and JoAnn Hardgrave


There are many small burial grounds scattered over Johnson County that need the attention of family members and persons interested in preserving the remnants of a frontier past. 

    What can you do?

  • Join the Johnson County Historical Society
  • Become involved in the cemetery associations where your ancestors are buried.
  • Contact the Arkansas Historic Preservation Program for conservation and restoration guidelines and adopt a neglected cemetery.
  • Inventory a cemetery and place your inventory in the local library and Historical Society.
  • Arrange for professional repair of damaged stones.
  • Photograph tombstones in neglected cemeteries.
  • Teach others about the important role of cemeteries as outdoor museums and local history archives.


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