Shoptaw - Booher Cemetery

Submitted by Lina Boyd, all rights reserved Copyright 2002

Inventory by C.L. and Lina Boyd, April 5, 2002.

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Go east from Clarksville on HW 64 E until you cross Big Piney Creek east of Knoxville. You will turn left on HW 359 about .7 mile from Big Piney. Go on HWY 359 for 2.2 miles to County Road 431, turn right on this road, go .7 mile to T junction in road, turn right. Go .5 mile to lane on right. This lane has a metal cable with a padlock across it. Go down this lane for 175 yards (steps). The road goes around the north and west sides of this cemetery. Starting on the west side of the cemetery here are the graves we found:

Off in the southwest corner by itself is one grave right by the road. It is for Ern Dale born 04 Aug 1931 died 27 Apr 1993 Humphrey funeral home marker. If it had not had bright red flowers on it, we would not have seen it. This is the newest grave in the cemetery, apparently. Back up to the north side will start with first row and go north to south on each row.

Row 1

1. Rock  adult grave

2. Rock with H. A. C. Baby carved in it. 

Row 2

1. Rock Anlea and Jal Lee Attleberry born and died 07 Jan 1928 carved in it.

2. Rock adult grave

3. Rock child grave

4. Rock S. C. Shoptaw no dates

fairly large space between  no 4 and no 5.

5. Military marker for Dow William Price US Army WWII 03 Dec 1918 - 28 Oct 1989

Row 3

1. Rock  J. D. Durham  no dates

2. Rock adult

3. Rock adult sunken grave

4. Rock adult

5. Rock adult

6. Rock child

7. Rock child

8. Rock child

9. Rock child  may have initial S carved in rock, but if so was very faint

10. Rock H. R. B. no date

11. Rock D. A. Booher no date

12. E. A. Booher no date

Row 4

1. Sunken spot had rock at foot but none at head.

2. Rock. M. E. S. no date baby

3. Rock N. T. S. no date baby

4. Rock T. N. S. no date adult

5. Rock A. T. Shoptaw no dates  adult

6. Rock sunken

Row 5

1. Rock adult

2. Rock child

3. Sunken spot

4. Rock adult

5. Rock child

6. Rock  sunken spot

7. Rock adult

8. Laura Moore  21 Sep 1867 - 02 Dec 1915 Marble marker

Row 6.

1. Rock child

2. Rock adult

3. Rock adult

4. Rock Crypt (at foot of Laura Moore grave)

Row 7.

Rock adult

There may possibly be another rock crypt and another grave in this last row, but the rock were scattered and it was hard to tell if they were actually graves.


There was light purple paint on the trees at the lane, so the land is posted. I have no idea who owns this land.

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