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Hess Cemetery is located 1 mile north of US Hwy 64, just east of Coal Hill, AR.  A complete inventory of Hess Cemetery was submitted by Anita Carter Hall and remains her sole copyrighted property. This inventory may be used for individual research but may not be reproduced for distribution in any form, print or electronic, without the express written permission of Anita C. Hall. Hess Cemetery inventory is presented in "Excel" format.


There are many small burial grounds scattered over Johnson County that need the attention of family members and persons interested in preserving the remnants of a frontier past.

    What can you do?

  • Join the Johnson County Historical Society
  • Become involved in the cemetery associations where your ancestors are buried.
  • Contact the Arkansas Historic Preservation Program for conservation and restoration guidelines and adopt a neglected cemetery.
  • Inventory a cemetery and place your inventory in the local library and Historical Society.
  • Arrange for professional repair of damaged stones.
  • Photograph tombstones in neglected cemeteries.
  • Teach others about the important role of cemeteries as outdoor museums and local history archives.
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