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Evans Cemetary is located in Section 26 - Township 13 North - Range 25 West. The following directions are from the Johnson County Cemetery Directory, by Wendall & Annita Powell. "Take 103 N. to its end at Hwy. 215. Check odometer and turn left. Drive 4 miles to St. Rd. 33 (Co. Rd. 407) and turn right. At 6.1 mi. stay rt., (on 407). Continue to "Y" found at 9 miles, stay right. At 12 miles look for a road left. It will enter a field and cross to the creek. Go across the creek and continue up the hill to the cemetery. (Total 12.7 miles from Hwy. 103)."

The following information was submitted by Rita Stepp Ficht and represents a partial inventory of Evans Cemetery.

Inscription Notes

Spencer Holland
Co K
6 KY Cav

B 1831-D Sep 27, 1905

Pollie  Holland


Wife of John Asher
Born Sept, 18, 1856
Died April 25, 1906
Another link is broken in our household band
But a chain is forming in a better land.


Daughter of John and Debie Asher
Born Nov. 19, 1907
Died July 15, 1908
At Rest


Squire Holland
Nov. 13, 1868
Oct. 13, 1933
A loving husband, a father dear
A faithful friend lies buried here.


Nerva Holland
Dec. 12, 1868
April 8, 1939


Infant Daughter
Born and Died May 13, 1911


Nerva McGuire
Mar. 12, 1910
Mar. 16, 1911


Newell M. Stepp
B. April 24, 1896
D. Oct. 3, 1987


Zula J. Stepp
B.Sept. 6, 1903
D. July 6, 1993


Kenneth Leroy Stepp


Paula Kay Benson
Aug. 22, 1953
Aug. 29, 1953


Minnie Pearl Stepp
July 27, 1941
Aug. 4, 1941


Stephen Melson
Sept. 21, 1956


There are many small burial grounds scattered over Johnson County that need the attention of family members and persons interested in preserving the remnants of a frontier past. 

    What can you do?

  • Join the Johnson County Historical Society
  • Become involved in the cemetery associations where your ancestors are buried.
  • Contact the Arkansas Historic Preservation Program for conservation and restoration guidelines and adopt a neglected cemetery.
  • Inventory a cemetery and place your inventory in the local library and Historical Society.
  • Arrange for professional repair of damaged stones.
  • Photograph tombstones in neglected cemeteries.
  • Teach others about the important role of cemeteries as outdoor museums and local history archives.

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