A collection of my Amateur stations.


Knight T-60 Transmitter, R55a Receiver, Knight RV-44 VFO & SWR bridge.

 The license plate belonged to my late father in-law.

Floyd Churchill W8IAR (Funny lookin old yellow dog)

Augur bit used to tune and adjust CB radios



The venerable DX-60B & HR10B HG-10B-VFO Heathkit CW/AM Station.

Includes a Turner Crystal 254 Hi-Z mic. Modified DX-60 for PTT operation.

I found and  rebuilt a HW-16 to complete the station.

Check into the DX-60 Net on 8:00 AM EST Sunday.

Run by N8NCR (Mike)



My restored Drake TR-3 an all tube unit. Sure 444 Mic

The first SSB rig I owned was a Drake TR-4.

This is the most complex radio I have rebuilt so far.

Drake R-4A & T-4X Twins MS-4 Speaker (1966-67)

Rebuilt PTO, replaced voulume control.

Recapped, aligned, great amateur gear.


Henry Tempo One built by Yaesu (FT-200).

I always drooled over one of these. I still drool but, now use a bucket.

It is unique as it has a solid state replacement balanced modulator

of the V107 tube. Repaired VFO works great.  


Yeasu FT-101-E (1979-82)

I always wanted one, I added the WARC bands.

Lots of info from FOX TANGO club. 


Kenwood TS-520 transceiver (1974) has original tubes.

A very solid radio. The first new radio I ever owned, still do.


This is my complete Kenwood station.

I aquired a Remote VFO, 220 Monitor scope, and speaker to match.


Kenwood TS-530S tranceiver. Donated to me by KA8GWN.

Needed some TLC and it works great.


Heathkit Twoer lunch box 2 meter AM transceiver.

I had to clean an old moldy PB&J sanwich out of the AM regen receiver.

This great little rig was graciously donated

to my collection by N8GWN (Jim )



Palomar 150 Rebuilt per Electric Radio article.

Used as a 10 meter AM SSB 150 watt amp.


This is my AM station setup at this time.

Don't you wish your station was this neat.

No computer, no paper, no pencil, no problem.

One thing about AM, after each transmission enough

time has gone by to remove two SK's from the Net list.