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"Every road is filled with miracles.  Someday you'll find yours and all the pain will finally end and you will dance again."

From "You Will Dance Again", one of 13 amazing new songs found on Kyle's newest release, "Solitary Road".

Lyrics by Kyle Vincent  ŠNewEnglandMusic (BMI)

Music has a way of heightening emotions in one's life whether those moments are seemingly the most joyous or the lowest of times.  A truly gifted songwriter finds a way of reaching his or her listener's emotions via the magic of melody and those oh so meaningful lyrics.  And when that songwriter also has a voice that translates those other two elements so dramatically, the true wonder of a good song is complete.

Kyle Vincent has that gift and  so generously shares it.  This webpage will take you further into those special lyrics that because of the smoothness of the melody and the powerful vocal qualities  accompanying them, might somehow get overlooked.

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Kyle Vincent's lyrics have always found a way of finding a special place within me. Upon hearing "Sierra" the first time, I found it to be a beautiful song about many of the things that Kyle cares so much about. And then I REALLY listened to those lyrics and heard the "real" message within them. Hopefully, my attempt to visualize those lyrics will make you think as much as they did me.

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Solitary Road

The NEW album from Kyle Vincent!

  Wow and Flutter

         Sweet 16


A Night Like This

"5000 Heroes"

On September 11, 2001 our world changed.  

As a nation and worldwide as a "people" we've come together in an effort to heal.  Though there are no words of comfort that can ever take away the pain of those that lost loved ones,  Kyle Vincent has reached out in the only way he knows how, through his wonderful gift of music.  Please take a moment to click on the star above which will direct you to the flash movie  of this most meaningful song.

"Together we're strong, apart we'll  fall.  And if all the world heeded that call  5000 heroes would be alive....."

(photo credit:  Amy Roberts)


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