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  Arkansas 2006 GeoCoin  

Arkansas Geocachers Association
2006 GeoCoin
Design Description


Red -     Pantone 7427 or maybe Pantone 200 (Razorback red)
Blue -     Pantone 7462
Green -  Pantone 363


Round design with an outer ring containing the words "ARKANSAS GEOCACHERS ASSOCIATION"  along the top of the arc and "THE NATURAL STATE" (the official State Nickname) at the bottom of the arc.  The ring shall not be color filled. The inner field will be enameled with blue enamel (Pantone color 7462).  The diamond design will be enamel filled with white.  The diamond represents that Arkansas is the only diamond-producing state in the Union.  The geocacher figure will be enamel filled with black.  The figure of the geocacher represents the sport.  The Arkansas shape in the center will be filled with red enamel (Pantone color 7427).  The Arkansas shape with the stylized geocaching "G" in the center is the official logo of the association.  Above the Arkansas logo will be the year "2006".  Below the logo will be the Association's website URL - "WWW.ARKGEOCACHING.ORG".  All raised surfaces will be the color of the coin.


The outer ring of the reverse side will be color filled with the same Pantone blue as the front.  The words "REGNAT POPULUS" will be to the left of the arc and "THE PEOPLE RULE" will be to the right of the arc.  These two slogans comprise the official State Motto in Latin and English.  All stars on the reverse are to be filled with white enamel.  The stars are representative of the stars on the Arkansas State Flag and hold the same meaning in the State's history.  The star at the top of the arc represents Arkansas' participation in the Confederate States during the Civil War.   The three stars at the bottom of the arc represent the three countries that have ruled over the Arkansas territory - Spain, France and the United States.  In the center of the ring is the first stanza of the official State Historical Song - The Arkansas Traveler.  This text should be in a serif font such as Times New Roman and be case sensitive.  The full text of the stanza follows:

 On a lonely road quite long ago,
A trav'ler trod with fiddle and a bow;
While rambling thru the country rich
and grand,  He quickly sensed the magic
and the beauty of the land.
             - Arkansas Traveler, circa 1850

Above the stanza is the State Flower - an Apple Blossom with two stemmed leaves.  The blossom will be filled with white enamel with a red enameled center (Pantone 7427).  The leaves are to be filled with green enamel (Pantone 363).   Below the stanza and in an arc will be the words "TRACKABLE AT GEOCACHING.COM".   An outlined rectangular space will be centered above the words and below the stanza.  This space is reserved for the tracking serial numbers.