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Welcome to my layout room. Like most layouts, it is a work in progress. I am working on my web page so the pictures and info will chance as I get time and as I work on the layout as well. My layout room is in the attic and is a "T" shaped room. The top of the "T" is 22 feet across and leg of the "T" is 40 feet long. There are four main lines all coupled with double crossovers so they can become one large main line. 
         Downtown buildings looking North                Downtown buildings looking East

     Larger view of Downtown looking North showing the same view in a larger format.  Larger view of Downtown East view.

 Looking South down the leg of the "T" shaped room you can see the layout control panel and some of the layout.

  Larger view of control panel.
Page 2
Shows some metroliners that I have plus I have some extra equipment I would like to sell. For a full list of new and used equipment available, Atlas NS flex track and #4 and #6 turnouts, E201 lever switches, send an e-mail requesting list.
Metroliners large view
Page 3
Here is the area around the turntable which is an atlas turntable with a bridge added to the top to make it longer and a pit unit.
Turntable large view
Page 4
Shows the main yard area to hold the trains I have made up.
Page 5
The loop area that takes the trains to the upper level shelves where there are two more loops.
Page 6
Shows several of the areas with industrial buildings.

Residentail areas   This shows some houses and several other business as well.

Turbines on the ridge.

Working on the ski village: Photos of work area.

I have excess equipmnet all HO scale available. You can e-mail for a list and photo or ask about a certain piece of equipment.
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