museum photo Creswell Area Historical Society Established 1972 "promoting the recording, marking and preservation of things of historical value". The museum is housed in a former Methodist- Episcpal Church built 1889 and remodeled 1996 and 2008 through broad based community effort. Changing exhibits give a glimpse to Creswell's past and hope for its future. photo (c) Don Pilcher
book One of the books available from the Historical Society. The book contains photos and narrative covering the period from 1852 to 1993 when the area was changed from wilderness to agricultural land and finally a settlement supporting grain farming, dairy farms, orchards and timber industry.
inside One of the Displays inside the Museum at Fifth and Oregon Avenue tel 541 895 5161- Call for Hours

Photos and page (c) 1996 Ed Gunderson Creswell, Oregon