Old David GENTRY 
  This is the genealogy of Old David Gentry as far back as I have been able to go.  
Others have said he is the son of Nathaniel Gentry.  This I have not been able 
to prove. Any verification or documentation to that effect, will be appreciated.

According to  information I have found,  Old David was born 10 March 1778 in 
Virginia and was married to Jennie McClure, born 24 November 1780.  He was
reared in North Carolina.  From there they moved to Clay County Kentucky,
where several of their children were born.  They were there but a few years...moving
 on to Posey County Indiana, where on 29 Feb 1820 he is listed as a buyer at an 
estate auction of one Moses Cross.  Finally moving on to Chariton County, 
 Missouri. They arrived  about 1825.  He later was drowned in the Chariton River 
about 1832. This is where my genealogy of David Gentry will begin.  

If you have any questions, corrections, or additions,  I would appreciate an E-Mail.

Shown below are the nine children of David and Jennie with their descendency. 
I will appreciate any and all additions to these families.



Again, if you have any questions, additions or corrections, I would appreciate an E-Mail.

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