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Dec 5, 2012

Springvale Kennels
Rosendale, Wisconsin

Owned by Sue Dorscheid & Mike Elmergreen
Breeders of Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retrievers

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Mar 23, 2012

The Home of:
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               BB                                                              Riff                                                         Seven      
            Stash                                                     Regis                                                   Marty                                                Angel

                                                     Breeze (8/19/98 - 3/2013)                 Gunner (12/20/96 - 3/9/09)    Seiche (4/23/01  - 7/15/06)
                       Roy (10/1/94 - 8/15/05)                                                         
      Arrow (12/19/87-8/7/97)                                    Cady (9/28/89-2003)                                  Riptide 7/22/87-2001)          

Big Sue's Brand New Pond - January 2000

Big Sue in the pond in January and Gunner doing a nice water entry for Mike in April.
The pond started overflowing on June 4, 2000 and now a winter scene taken November 23, 2000

Mid-May Evening 2002

Pond Info:  When full the pond is 12 ft. deep on the north end and 4 to 6 ft. deep on the south end.  The pond is downhill from a 10 acre
 cattail marsh and is filled by runoff and seepage.  It is dug into Wisconsin clay and holds water well.  It can drop 2 to 3 ft. in late summer.  
There is a compressor with 2 aerator heads running at all times.  The pond is stocked with Hybrid Bluegills, Bass, and Fathead Minnows.

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