click here for DEERE AGCO or FORD precisions Last updated Mar 19 2015 has partnered with CS Weathering to take the details of the Precision lines to the next level. Click each model listed for samples of CS Weathering finished products. John Deere 4450 - Case 1570 - John Deere 4840 - Case IH 5488 Please contact us for details.

Precision Key Series

#14843A Precision Elite #2
1570 Case
(14843A) Unopened, slightly dented boxes $185 $145 Special $125!
#14843X Precision Elite #2
1570 chase unit
(14843X) One only! Good unopened box $300
#14817 New Precision Elite Series
(14817) 856 with cab. Featuring lights and sound. $145
#14757 IH 5488 Precision Key #10
(14757) 5488 w/ front wheel assist! Excellent unopened boxes $150
#14732   1066 Precision Key #9 Sold Out


1456 w/ canopy #8 Precision Key

(08011612166) Nice, unopened box $325
(08120711125) Nice, unopened box $325
(08111714455) Golden Demonstrator, good unopened box $650


#7 6588 Precision Key

(07020615154) Nice, unopened box $275
(07020615156) Nice, unopened box $275


#6 1086 Precision Key

(14595wh) Excellent unopened box (white side panel, as shown in picture) $170
(06020113131) Unopened, slightly shelf worn box (red side panel) $195
(06013113129) Unopened, slightly shelf worn box (red side panel) $195
(06020213151) Good, unopened box (red side panel) $200
(14595rd) Excellent unopened box (red side panel) $225

#5 H w/ mounted planter Precision Key

(14552A) Perfect boxes $150 Reduced to $119

#4 806 Diesel Precision Key

(04020615174) Unopened, creased box $250
(04020615176) Unopened, nice box $275


#3 1468 Precision Key

(14481D) Several available, unopened dented boxes $125
(14481A) Several available, excellent unopened box $145


#2 3588 Precision Key

(02033111225) Unopened, fair box $395

(02110910230) Fair, unopened box $425


#1 1206 Precision Key

(01033111225) Fair, unopened box $475

Original Precision Series line



Farmall Regular

(0102051540) Opened, torn and worn box, undisplayed condition $80
(0111081175) Unopened, fair box $100

(0101171281) Opened for inspection, very nice box $110

(0111031360) Very nice unopened box $120
(0101171279) Excellent, unopened box $125



Little Genius plow on steel

(0201281541) Opened, plastic removed, clean, missing cap to hold wheel on but displays fine, no clevis, plastic removed, good box $65

(0211041265) Opened, plastic removed, clean, fair box $90

(0201161275) Opened, undisplayed, very nice box $100

(0211031360) Good, unopened box $120
(0211081190) Good, unopened box $120



Gray Model F-20 wide front

(0302030875) Opened, undisplayed, fair box $95 
(0301171270) Opened for inspection, very nice box $110
(0302051540) Unopened, good box w/ small dent $120



Red Model F-20 Narrow Front

(0411171470) Unopened, shelf worn box $130
(04110212100) Unopened, good box $150



3 bottom Little Genius plow

(05012612135) Opened, undisplayed, w/ plastic, fair box $175
(0512031469) Opened, undisplayed, w/ plastic good box $190



Red Model F-20 Wide Front

(06021010110) No plastic, very clean, nice box $120
(0602051550) Unopened, fair box $135
(0601161280) Opened, undisplayed, very nice box $150



Farmall M

(0710280995) Hamilton edition, nice opened box, undisplayed $125
(07021010110) Opened, undisplayed, rough box $140
(0711091080) Opened for inspection, fair box $160
(07021010135) Opened for inspection, fair box $160



Super M Farmall

(08110914100) Unopened, slightly shelf worn box $195



McCormick Model 200 Spreader

(4201D) Unopened dented box. Fresh out of master shipping carton $130
(4201A) Large supply in perfect, unopened boxes $135



MD with Loader

(1010190995) Opened, undisplayed, very rough box $135
(4599W) A few available in unopened shelf worn / dented boxes $145
(4599D) Several on hand in unopened, dented boxes $155
(4599A) One only, very nice unopened box $175



460 Farmall

(4355D) Large supply in unopened, dented boxes Was $100 Sale $85
(4355A) Nice unopened box $115



930 Case

(12121711125) Unopened, shelf worn box $185



400 Farmall

(1310280970) Hamilton edition, opened for inspection, good box $110
(1301311350) Unopened, shelf worn box $110
(1301311349) Unopened, shelf worn box $110
(1301311351) Unopened, shelf worn box $110
(1303311175) Nice, unopened box $130



560 with Corn Picker

(14110313151) Unopened, excellent box $250
(14110313149) Unopened, excellent box $250



1030 Case

(15040607104) Opened for inspection, dented, torn box, no medallion, $145 
(15050712105) Opened, rough box, undisplayed condition $165 



IH 706

(16111714100) Unopened. Good box with some slight creases, corner dings. $150
(16111111101) Very nice unopened box $165



McCormick Flare Box Wagon

(14128A) Small supply in perfect , unopened boxes $90



IH Model 1466

(14204D) Unopened, heavily dented box $145
(1805080885) Unopened, dented and torn box $150
(1805080886) Unopened, dox has dented corner $160



560 Farmall

(19111514158) Good, unopened box $250



Model MV

(14275D) Several on hand, never opened, good boxes $95
(14275A) Several on hand, excellent unopened boxes $110
(14275GOLD) Very rare dealer award gold version $1500 See images Call

Other Case IH precisions.


Case 580 Backhoe Regular Edition

(01012015302) Opened, displayed, clean, no plastic, slightly worn box $425

(01011915299) Opened, undisplayed, w/ plastic, slightly worn box $450

#14511    Case 580 Backhoe 40th Anniversary Edition 
(40TH011915301) Unopened, good box w/ some small corner dings $450

(40TH012015298) Unopened, good box $475


Case 580 Backhoe Spec Ed 50th Ann Black Chrome

(50TH011915302) Unopened, nice box but one dented corner $440

(50TH012115299) Unopened, nice box $450

(50TH021114251) Very nice unopened box $465


STX 450 4WD

(14102) Unopened, nice but slightly dented box $100
(0111171450) Nice, unopened box $110


400 Farmall w/ Cultivator

(1954090510170) Opened for inspection, fair box $260
(50TH020712135) Opened for inspection, undisplayed, good box $275
(50TH111709185) Unopened, good box $275


Farmall 450 50th Anniversary

(14496A) Small supply of very nice, unopened boxes. $120
(50TH110412280) Gold version, opened for inspection, w/ plastic, good box $375 See images
(50TH110313225) Gold version, unopened, good box $425 See images
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