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John Arthur Tuxford
b. 1890
d. 1965

What I know about this picture--

This is a picture of Grandpa Tuxford with his brother.
I believe Grandpa is on the left and that he is pictured
with his brother, William Riddle Tuxford.


Lizzie Belle Thompson Tuxford
b. 1892
d. 1973

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From left to right
Margaret Tuxford Underwood
holding Robert Underwod
Lee Underwood, in front.
Leona Paine Tuxford
Thomas Tuxford, left
John Tuxford, right
Lizzie Thompson Tuxford

Grandma Tuxford
c. 1896


Earl Milton Tuxford
b. 1915
d. 1961


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Pictured with
Margaret Tuxford Underwood
Niles Rolling


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With John A. Tuxford &
Neighbor Child


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Wedding Picture

Leona Marie Paine
Earl Milton Tuxford

Leona and Earl Tuxford
Tom and John Tuxford



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Tom, Dorla & John Tuxford



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