A Bauble For Bilbo Morss Y EM 2001 4 28 EV soft peach with ruby red edge outline in oranage gold club return  gsds
Affair D'Amour Kirchoff Y M 2001 5 28 EV melon blushed coral with coral rose halo above apricot throat 
Ageless Beauty Stamile E 2003 5 28 EV cream with red eye and border above green throat 
Almost Midnight Kaskel Y EM 2001 6 28 EV Cream with Purple eye above green throat 
Alternate Universe Stamile Y EM 2003 6 28 EV Lavendar Rose with a Rose Eye and Edge 
Angel In Waiting Polston Y M 2004 4 30 SEV Yellow Gold Blend with gold edge green throat 
Angelic Spring Petit Y M 1999 5 20 DOR pink self with green throa 
Another Chance Today Carpenter EM 2003 5 26 EV lavender with lavender blue watermark above green  
Apocalypse Now Hanson Y M 2000 5 28 DOR Peach Pink with large green throat 
Ashes Of Blue Boatwright Y EM 2003 6 Y 28 DOR ashes of rose with a slightly darker eyes green tht 
Audition Tankesley-Clarke M 1999 5 26 SEV orange red green throat 
Barn Owl Hansen M 2002 4 34 SEV pink lavender green with large lavender blue watermar 
Beach Beacon Albers L 2001 4 19 DOR deep mauve lavender bicolor with dark edge above cream to green throat cream to green throat
Beauty Of The King Carpenter Y M 2004 5 24 EV Lavendar Purple with blue purple water mark green th 
Behold Gwenevere James, L N M 1999 5 36 SEV frosted pale pink tiny rose halo 
Bella Joy Bellagamba E 2001 5 22 DOR CREAM PINK  WITH HALO 
Bethel's Joy Albers L 1999 5 24 DOR pale yellow cream with cinnamon eye and edge above green throat 
Betty Winkler Hanson Y E 2000 7 24 SEV Red Cashmere edge Green Throat 
Betty Winkler Hanson Y E 2000 7 Y 24 SEV red with cashmere edge above yellow green throat 
Betty's Pick Roberts N EM 2001 11 38 SEV Pwter flesh bicolor above yellow green tht 
Beyond Thunder Dome Hanson, C Y M 1999 3 36 DOR Burgundy green throat 
Big Smile Apps M 1999 6 28 DOR Yellow  orange blend yellow    green throat 
Blackace Benz Y EM 2000 5 30 DOR Black Purple self green tht 
Blue Venom Shooter Y ML 2001 5 Y 28 SEV wine red with magenta veins and blue lavender eye above chartreuse throat 
Border Class Niswonger E 2001 4 Y 22 DOR pale peach with fuchsia eye above green throat 
Broadway At The  Beach Albers M 2003 4 Y 30 SEV 2 way branching 20 buds 
Broadway Attraction Stamile, G Y M 1999 3 Y 22 DOR red self above green throat 
Broadway Dazzler Stamile,G Y EM 2003 3 Y 18 SEV salmon pink with bold red eye and green throat 
Broadway Showgirl Stamile Y EM 2002 3 Y 18 SEV cream with red eye above green throat 
Burgess  Rubies Glow Albers Y M 1999 5 28 DOR ruby red self above green throat 
Burgess Artwork Albers EM 1999 3 20 DOR soft lavender and cream bitone veined with deep lavender eyezone and cream edge above green yellow throat 
Burgess Blackmoor Albers Y L 1999 5 30 SEV black purple self above green throat 30 buds................good branching
Burgess Sea Shell Albers M 1999 5 22 DOR orchid pink and light peach bitone above green throat 40  buds
By Design Stamile Y M 2001 6 28 EV pale pink with gold edge above green throat 
Can You See Me Now Hansen D E 2003 5 31 SEV Pale amber with cranberry eye 
Cardassian Border Ted Petit Y M 2001 6 24 SEV Cream peach, purple eye & edge 
Carpathian Magic Salter EH Y M 2002 4 26 SEV Rose with heavy gold edge green tht 
Cast a  Spell STAMILE-G M 2000 4 Y 22 SEV Purple with White edge above green throat 
Cast Your Net Emmerich  M 2003 5 24 SEV creamy with purple i and edge 
Caught Red Handed Rice, J ML 2000 5 27 SEV red self above green throat 
Cherry Valentine Trimmer Y E 1999 4 28 EV bright pink with crimson red eye 
Close  Encounter Tankesley-Clarke N M 2002 6 34 DOR yellow green self 
Connie Can't Have It Carpenter J EM 2004 7 18 DOR Gold with Red Eye green tht 
Coronal Light Stamile Y EM 2004 5 25 EV Rose Red with a white edge  
Cosmic Dancer Petit Y M 2001 5 Y 23 EV peach with purple eye and edge above green throat 
Crescent Jump Stamile Y EM 2002 9 36 EV Lavander pink blend green tht 
Curious George John P. Peat Y EM 2001 9 Y 30 SEV burnt orange with darker veins gold edge 20 buds     tet spider
Darla Anita Kinnebrew, J Y EM 1999 7 30 EV Lavender blend with gold edge green throat club return
Darling Ava Kirchoff  Y L 2002 5 30 EV Yellow orange with yellow halo ,citron tht 
Dashing Doris Shooter M 2001 7 30 DOR bright yellow gold with light gold veins above green heart throat 
Debussy Stamile Y EM 1999 6 Y 30 EV lavender with gold edge above green throat 
Delicate Beads  Peat Y M 1999 6 Y 25 SEV baby ribbon pink  large darker rose pink eye gold edge 
Delta Blues Stamile Y EM 2001 4 Y 34 EV cream with gray blue eye above green throat 
Delta Blues Stamile Y EM 2001 4 34 EV cream with gray blue eye above green throat 
Dewy Sweet Joiner, J M 1999 3 26 EV Caramel cream with bright red eyezone above green throat 
Dinett Sue Bomar EM 2004 6 22 SEV white cream blend green tht 
Dollop Tankesley-Clarke M 1999 3 20 SEV pale peach rose with large notched dark rose eyezone guest
Dorthy and  Toto Herrington Y M 2003 6 Y 30 SEV rose peach cream blend above green throat 
Doubly Delicious Dandy Salter Y EM 2001 6 28 SEV coral pink blend 
Dwarf Edger Tankesley-Clarke M 2002 2 14 SEV Pale peach rose blend 
Earlene Garber Begnaud N M 2000 6 Y 28 DOR Lavender bitone with darker edge and blue lavender halo 
Elf Power Trimmer Y EM 1999 3 14 EV gold with dark plum eye above green throat 
Eloquently Edged Carpenter  M 2004 5 26 EV Yellow cream mahogany eye green tht 
Enduring Freedom Emmerich Y M 2002 6 30 SEV rose purple with cream halo and gold edge above soft yellow lime heart throat 
Eternal Optimist Rice,J Y M 2003 6 Y 25 SEV bitone violet purple 
Exotic Holiday Hansen M 1999 6 Y 28 SEV gray purple with dark purple and dark ring eyezone above yellow green throat 
Expo TANKESLEY-CLARKE M 2002 4 25 SEV Coral Pink darker I 
Expose TANKESLEY-CLARKE M 2000 4 25 SEV rose peach & yellow polychrome with rose peach i guest
Eye Of Ra Polston Y M 2003 5 30 DOR Orange with red dye 
Eyes Of Comfort Grace Y M 2000 5 24 EV peach with burgundy eye and edge above orange throat 
Faithful and True Emmerich EM 2003 5 27 SEV Ivory with burgundy eya and edge green tht 
Fanciful Favorite Salter Y EM 2001 4 Y 27 SEV cream apricot peach blend above green throat 
Fire On The Mountain Carpenter Y M 2004 6 22 DOR Red Orange green tht 
Fireside Embers Niswonger Y M 2002 5 36 DOR dark red 
Flamenco Christmas Stamile Y M 2002 6 Y 28 EV red with double white edge above green throat 
Frank's Fire Opal Smith M 2003 5 20 SEV rose pink blend above gold tht 
Frosted Vintage  Ruffles Begnaud N E 2000 5 Y 24 DOR Cream  Pink edge edge no eye
Fu Manchu TANKESLEY-CLARKE Y M 2000 4 27 SEV wine rose self green throat guest
Furnace Of Babylon Niswonger Y M 2002 6 34 DOR orange bright red halo yellow throat 
Furnaces Afire Niswonger Y M 1999 5 34 DOR Deep orange with green yellow throat 20 buds  3 way branching, 2004 intro
Gilded Knight Morss E 1999 5 24 SEV fuchsia orchid with white edge above green throat 
Gleam Of Time Joiner Y M 2002 4 Y 34 EV aurora red with sepals green petaloids yellow edge above yellow green thro
Glistening  Bouquet BENZ Y M 2001 7 28 Dor magnificent rose pink green throat 
Glory In Red Carpenter Y EM 2004 7 22 SEV red self green tht 
Glowing Gypsy Jewel Begnaud N E 2000 5 Y 27 DOR Beige with maroon eye above green throat 
Golden Illusions Salter Y EM 2000 7 Y 29 SEV gold self      rufffled 
Hail King Arthur James,Louis M 2002 5 32 SEV pink / burgundy band  veining cream picottee edge 
Hawaiian Coral Polston Y M 2004 6 34 SEV Lavender Pinkd blend light pink watermark gold edge 
Heart Of Georgia Joiner Y EM 2002 5 26 EV cream self above green tht 
Heat Of The Moment salter Y EM 1999 6 Y 30 SEV bright orange + small round ez + yellow gr th red eye edged and ruffled
Heavenly Realms Bomar M 2004 6 17 EV Melon cream self green tht 
Heavenly Starfire Jamie GossardŐs Y M 2001 9 26 EV red darker eye gold throat gold midrif spider variant 
Heron's Cove Stamile Y M 1999 5 23 DOR lavender cream with pale gray lavender eye and edge 
Higher Ambition Rice,J Y M 2003 6 Y 34 SEV clear rich cherry red white back  to the petals & sepals 
Hooked On Edges Shooter EM 2001 5 28 DOR pink lavender bitone with glittering yellow bubbled hooked edge with washed magenta rose eye above light green throat 
Hootchie Mamma STAMILE Y E 2004 8 Y 34 EV Pink   UHF     ruffled 
Hot Blazer Joiner Y M 2001 5 Y 28 EV tangerine with bright red eye and edge above tangeri 
Hotter Than July Kirchoff Y E 2000 6 Y 30 EV Red  with yellow breen throat full wide ruffled club   good branching
In the Heart Of It All Salter Y M 2005 4 24 DOR Pink   Florida  President cup winner 2005 
Innocent Fire Kirchoff Y E 2000 5 Y 30 EV Tangerine with currant  red eye /red picottee  green tht club return
J. T. Davis Grace, L Y M 1999 5 24 EV Light yellow pink gold ruflled edge 
Jewel in a Crown Grace Y M 2000 6 23 EV Pink Lavender blend with yellow gold edge 
Joan Derifield Hanson C Y EM 2000 7 35 SEV Rose violet self above chartreuse tht 
Johanna Klein Strack Carpenter EM 2002 5 23 DOR light peach with deeper peach halo above green throat 
John Kirkland Kirchhoff, D Y EM 1999 5 Y 28 EV flesh pink self with peach rose halo above yellow to green throat 
Journey Through Time John Peat Y M 2001 6 24 SEV peach pink w/rose pruple eye and picotee edge 
Journey Through Time John Peat M 2001 6 24 SEV Peach Pink with rose Purple I and edge 
Just One Kiss Hanson, C Y M 1999 5 30 SE soft strawberry coral, fine gold edge fine gold edge
Kinchafonee Red Grovenstein, L & E Y EM 1999 6 28 DOR red self  
Larry Harder Memorial Albers ML 2003 6 30 DOR Light Lavender with a deeper eye 5 way branching 30 buds
Lavender Fantasia Carpenter Y M 2003 5 24 EV lavender with lighter lavender blue watermark above green throat small gold ruffled edge
LemonBerry Truffle Kirchoff EM 2000 7 27 EV lemon yellow self above green throat 
Let love Rejoice HANSON ML 2000 7 25 EV Red rose bi-color pink halo green throat 
Linda's Magic Smith Y EM 2003 7 26 SEV Pink self 
Lips Of Fire D Hanson EM 2000 6 33 EV Cranberry With Red Band & White Edge 40 buds green throat
Little Liza Jane Stamile,G EM 2003 2 Y 20 SEV Purple w/edge Mini double 
Love Will Find A Way Carpenter Y M 2004 7 30 EV Deep pink blend with yellow edge above green tht 
Lovely LadyBug Hansen E 1999 4 28 EV red with light red border above emerald throat 
Lure Tankesley-Clarke Y EM 2001 4 20 SEV Bitone      red/yellow     guest 
Mango Tango Shooter M 2002 6 31 SEV yellow orange blend with huge mango eye and cream midribs with tangerine veins above large chartreuse throat 
MantrA TANKESLEY-CLARKE M 2000 5 27 SEV deep  violet black eye, green throat 
Mapping Florida Shooter M 2001 6 26 DOR ight orchid pink bitone with raise pink midribs above chartreuse cream throat 
Melvin Wayne Johnson Kirchoff Y E 2004 6 37 EV Ice Lavender pink with gold edge green tht 
Mexican Holiday Petit Y EM 1999 6 22 DOR Dark Tomato Red gold edge green throat 30 buds 
Michigan Magic Carpenter M 2004 7 33 DOR Pinkd self above gree throat 
Mighty Fortress Emmerich Y M 2004 7 30 SEV Rose grape with purple eye and edge  chartreuse throat 
Milady's Favor Shooter EM 2001 6 31 DOR light lavender pink with light pink midribs and deep veins above bright lemon to olive green throat 
Minstrel Fire Salter Y EM 2002 4.8 Y 27 SEV light lemon  burnt orange eye big bubbly  gold edge 
Missouri Pony Niswonger N EM 2002 4 33 DOR pinkish buff fushia halo green throat 35 buds
Moments Rich In Blessings Carpenter Y M 2004 6 20 EV Lavender blend green throat 
Montreal Bistro John Peat Y M 2002 6 21 SEV Cream  peach pink overlay ruffled gold edge, hooks three way branching 25 buds
Mr. Spaceman Lambetson Y EM 2003 6 32 SEV Light amber with medium brown violet eye and inner edge above green tht 
Neon Angel Niswonger Y M 2001 5 Y 30 DOR Light Orange with red eye above ornage throat 
Nice And Easy Stamile EM 2000 3 Y 12 SEV deep lavender with purple eye above green throat 
Night Shift J. PEAT Y M 2001 6 19 SEV Cream Purple bitone with dark edge & eye 20 buds 3 br
One Day Maybe Carpenter, J M 1999 5 26 EV lavender purple with dark purple eyezone above green throat 
Orchid Elegance Carpenter Y M 2004 6 26 DOR Orchid pink with lavender blue eye gree tht 
Orfeo Tankesley-Clarke Y M 1999 4 28 SEV Violet Rose with purple eye 
Ornamental  Focus Stamile Y E 1999 7 25 EV cream yellow with burgundy eye above green throat 
Our Friend Tom Wilson Carpenter EM 2004 6 26 EV Lavender pink self green tht 
Over The Top STAMILE Y M 2000 8 Y 28 EV Pink with red eye 
Pats Quilt Albers EM 2003 4 Y 28 DOR Pink Rose Eye 5 way branching 31 buds
Penny  Lane Herr-D Y EM 2000 5 24 EV copper self guest
Pink Duality Stamile Y EM 2001 6 27 EV pastel pink blend above green 
Please Say Yes Carpenter Y M 2004 6 29 SEV orange bicolor with light coral orange watermark 
Poetry In Motion Shooter M 2001 7 27 DOR pale pink with blue lavender eye and light lavender pink edge above light yellow chartreuse throat 
Possum In A Sack Hansen, D Y EM 1999 5 Y 30 EV burnt orange with darker burnt orange eye above orange throat 
Pretty In Beige Niswonger L 2002 6 40 DOR Beige orange throat        15 buds 
Pretty in Beige Niswonger L 1999 6 40 DOR beige 
Puccini Stamile Y M 1999 7 30 EV cream yellow blend with green throat 
Pu-Yi Tankesley-Clarke M 2001 4 25 SEV pink,   Wine Eye 
Pu-Yi Tankesley-Clarke M 2001 4 25 SEV pink with wine eye 
Radiant Simplicity Begnaud Y E 2000 5 Y 28 SEV Orange with dark red eye and wire red edge green throat 
Rejoice Alway's Bellagamba Y M 2001 6 25 SEV pale cream pink, gold edge 
Rhubarb Truffle Kirchhoff, D Y EM 1999 5 Y 6 EV pastel  rhubarb peach 
Rocket Blast Niswonger Y ML 2001 5 Y 32 DOR red with deeper eye above green throat,,,  20 buds 
Rose Fireglow Stamile Y EM 2000 5 28 EV deep rose with gold edge above green throat 
Roses In Snow Hansen, D Y EM 1999 5 24 SEV Red Ivory edge emerald throad 
Roses In Snow Hansen, D Y EM 1999 5 24 SEV red with ivory edge and emerald throat 
Royal Adolescence John Peat Y M 2001 6 24 SEV Ivory cream  rufflles and gold edging to spare 20 buds
Royal Adolescent Peat Y M 2001 5 24 SEV ivory cream self above green throat   breeder breedeer
Royal Corsage Stamile Y E 2004 6 31 EV Royal purple self green tht 
Russian Destiny Pickles Y EM 1999 5 26 SEV orange sherbet with vintage wine band above 
Sacred Sweets Bell, T Y M 1999 4 Y 23 SEV Creamy gold/royal  purple eye/green throat 
Savannah Royalty Joiner Y ML 2001 6 Y 28 EV Almond cream with wild rose eye & matching  edge, big ruffled outer gold edge 
Scarlett's Pinafore Petit Y M 1999 6 22 SEV Cream self 
Sculpted Treasure Carpenter Y E 2004 7 20 EV Cream gold self green that 
Sea Horse John Peat Y M 2001 5 26 DOR purple with a darker eye and edge 20 buds
Seabiscuit Smith,F Y M 2004 6 30 SEV light pink with citron edge   drawing plant 
September Sunrise Boatwright Y M 2003 5 Y 26 SEV very light melon orange blend above yellow green throat 
Sheer Splendor Joiner Y M 2001 5 Y 24 EV coral reef green throat    lots of ruffles 
Shrimp and Grits Boatwright EM 2003 6 22 SEV shrimp pink bitone above light green throat 
Sister Evelyn Shooter,F N M 1999 6 Y 22 DOR flesh coral pink bitone ruffled three way branching 15 buds
Sizzle Tankesley-Clarke Y M 2001 6 32 SEV apple red self above green throat 
Smart Design Joiner Y M 2001 5 24 SEV coral sand broad dark eye  edge in burgandy ruffled petals
Song Triumphant Carpenter Y EM 2004 7 31 SEV Mulberry with lighter eye green tht 
Southern Coral Stamile Y EM 2000 6 Y 30 EV Hot coral orange edge moss green throat 50 buds 6 way branching
Spacecoast Citrus Kick Kinnebrew Y E 2001 6 Y 25 SEV orange self    ruffled 
Spacecoast Early Bird Kinnebrew, J Y E 1999 4 Y 24 EV dusty rose with gold edge 
Spacecoast Easy Rider Kinnebrew Y ML 2001 5 30 SEV Lavender yellow with yellow halo edge 
Spacecoast Extreme Fashion Kinnebrew Y E 2002 5.5 Y 21 SEV pink peach blend    gold ruffled edge     RICK 
Spacecoast Fancy Dancer Kinnebrew, J Y E 1999 6 Y 31 EV Pink    with gold edge 
Spacecoast Gator Eye Kinnebrew Y EM 2000 6 Y 28 SEV Lavender with pruple eye and edge 
Spacecoast Krinkles Kinnebrew Y E 1999 6 Y 28 DOR Peach  self ruffled 
Spacecoast Peach Fringe Kinnebrew, J Y M 1999 6 Y 24 SEV peach self  fringe    ruffled 
Spacecoast Rapberry Mist Kinnebrew Y EM 2002 5.5 Y 31 SEV Rose red with lighter halo  and gold edge 
Spacecoast Sharp Tooth Kinnebrew Y E 2002 6 22 EV Purple with white edge green that 
Spacecoast Sweet Eye Kinnebrew Y EM 2002 4.8 Y 25 EV cream pink with soft rose eye 
Starling Legacy Benz Y M 2001 5 36 DOR tomato red with gold edge above chartreuse throat 
Sterling Tribute Carr Y M 1999 5 30 EV Lavender pink self with knobby gold edge above yellow green throat 
Stolen Wishes Salter Y EM 2001 4 Y 26 SEV Lavender with smokey lavender eye above yellow green throat 
Storm Chaser Joiner Y M 2002 4 30 EV dark red small yellow green throat   very ruffled
Storm Over Toledo Carpenter Y M 2002 5 24 EV purple with lighter rose purple watermark above green throat 
Summer Valentine Bellagamba Y M 2001 6 22 DOR Red with light midribs and gold edge above small green throat 
Sunday Sandals Grace-Smith Y M 2004 4 Y 22 EV ivory with violet eye and edge above green throat drawing plant
Sunset  Jubilee Niswonger Y E 2001 6 Y 32 DOR orange with deep red eye 
Sweet Mercy Joiner-J ML 2000 6 28 SEV papaya punch self above green throat 
Systematic Intrigue John Peat Y M 2002 24 6 SEV orchid pink ruffled pleated gold edge hooks and knobs 20 buds
Texas Blue Eyes Carpenter Y M 2004 6 20 EV Lavender with lavender blue eye above green tht 
Topguns Bo Hester Scott N L 1999 6 26 EV yellow gold blend,  petal edges color of leather petal edges the color of leather
Topguns Fireball Scott, B N EM 1999 6 25 EV Burgundy red green throat  good bud count 
Topguns Gold Affair Scott, B Y M 1999 5 25 DOR Gold self green throat 
Topguns Lillian Williams SCOTT M 2000 5 20 DOR red orange dark red eye 
Topguns Lola Scott Scott, B EM 1999 6 Y 25 DOR yellow with red eye green throat 4 to 5 way branching
Topguns Lola Scott Scott, B M 1999 6 25 DOR yellow with red eye above green throat 
Topguns Lola Scott Scott, B EM 1999 6 Y 25 DOR yellow with red eye green throat 4 to 5 way branching
Topguns Rie Rie Scott, B N EM 1999 6 Y 24 EV blood red lime green throat, ruffled 
Topguns Starburst Scott,B EM 1999 7 25 EV Cream Raspberry  eye , picotee edge 
Topguns Thelma Rowe Scott, B Y M 1999 5 29 SEV Ruby Red lighter eye lime green throat 3 way branching, good ruffling
Topguns Thelma Rowe Scott, B Y M 1999 6 29 DOR Ruby Red lighter eye lime green throat 
Tosca's Song Shooter Y EM 2002 7 Y 27 SEV Large rose purple 2" green center, gold gringed creped 
Tosca's Song Shooter L 2002 5 28 DOR large rose purple, 2" green center, gold fringed crepped 
Total Commitment Rice, J Y EM 2001 5 37 DOR ream with darker eye and edge above green throat 
Tremor Stamile Y E 1999 5 27 EV Pink with multiple band of color and rose lavender eye above green throat 
Triple Gem Tankesley-Clarke EM 2001 4 20 SEV dark purple self above green throat 
Troy  Awesome Creely's Cookson N EM 2007 5 30 SEV Yellow  Maroon  eye gr throat ruffled edge 
Troy  Bouquet Cookson Y M 2002 6 Y 30 SEV Yellow pink dusting blend with yellow ruffled edge above green throat 
Troy  Bouquet Cookson Y M 2002 6 Y 30 SEV light yellow pink dusting yellow ruffled  edge 
Troy Boys Bellagamba Y M 2001 5 25 SEV old  gold 
Troy David Hoffman Cookson Y EM 2003 5 Y 24 SEV Coral Blend,  Heavely Ruffled gold edge sepals lighter peach pink
Valley Stream Stamile Y EM 2002 6 25 DOR cream with pewter lavender eye and pico tee above green throat 
Velvet Ice Kaskel Y E 1999 6 22 EV Purple  with dark velvet purple eye green tht 
Velvet Web Lambertson Y EM 2000 9 36 SEV Purple violet with deep purple eyse reen tht 
VINCENZA Agosta,Joe E 2002 4 Y 27 EV YELLOW RED EYE, green throat 
Watermelon Wine Kinnebrew, J Y EM 1999 6 Y 32 EV Burgandy  with gold edge 
Waves Become Wings Hanson Y L 2001 6 36 SEV lavender pink 
Web Of Intrigue Stamile Y E 1999 6 30 EV pale orange with etched pattern of lavender and purple above green throat 
Wind Beneath My Sails Hansen EM 1999 8 48 SEV dark red self above emerald throat 
Wolf  Whistle Mason-M Y M 2002 5 32 DOR Gold with rose eye band 
Zuni Thunderbird Roberts M 2002 7 31 SEV Dark wine red self green tht