Ancestry of Paul W. Brown   Ancestry of Paul W. Brown

Ancestry of Paul W. Brown

--- 1st Generation ---

1. Paul Weslie BROWN was born on 10 Sep 1931 at home on Edwards Road, North Fairfield, Huron County, Ohio.1,2 He married Cynthia JONES, daughter of Ralph Boswell JONES and Dorothy DORNER, on 2 Aug 1953 at Ohio.3 He lived between 1958 and 1962 at Columbus, Franklin County, Ohio, USA.4 He lived between 1962 and 1979 at Kent, King County, Washington.5 He was a systems analyst and manager for the Boeing Company between 1962 and 1987 at Boeing Company, data processing, Seattle, King County, Washington, USA.6 He lived in 1979 at Lakebay, Pierce County, Washington.7 He died on 15 May 2003 at Family First Adult Home, Olalla, Kitsap County, WA, at age 71.8

--- 2nd Generation ---

2. Orlo Wayne BROWN was a farmer.9,10 He was born on 3 Dec 1901 at Ashtabula County, Ohio.11,12,13 He was educated on 6 May 1921 at Hartsgrove High School, Hartsgrove, Ashtabula County, Ohio.14 He married Thelma Fay REED, daughter of Brice N. REED and Mary Alberta HOFFMAN, on 25 Mar 1928 at Plymouth, Richland County, Ohio.15,16 He died on 15 Dec 1975 at North Fairfield, Huron County, Ohio, at age 74.17,18

3. Thelma Fay REED.19,20,21 Her married name was BROWN.22,23,24 She was a housewife.25 She was born on 12 Jun 1908 at Cass Township, Ganges, Richland County, Ohio.26,27,28,29,30 She married Orlo Wayne BROWN, son of Alvin C. BROWN and Nellie May WATKINS, on 25 Mar 1928 at Plymouth, Richland County, Ohio.31,32 She died on 3 Jan 1994 at North Fairfield, Huron County, Ohio, at age 85.33,34,35 She was buried on 6 Jan 1994 at North Fairfield Cemetery, North Fairfield, Huron Co., Ohio.36,37

--- 3rd Generation ---

4. Alvin C. BROWN was a farmer.38 He was born on 8 Oct 1876 at Marion Twp, Henry County, Ohio.39 He married Nellie May WATKINS, daughter of Amos W. WATKINS and Sarah E. GEORGE, on 16 Jun 1900.40 He died on 22 Feb 1968 at North Fairfield, Huron County, Ohio, at age 91.41 He was buried on 25 Feb 1968 at No. Fairfield Cemetery, No. Fairfield, Huron, OH.42

5. Nellie May WATKINS.43 Her married name was BROWN.44 She was born on 20 Nov 1881.45 She married Alvin C. BROWN, son of Jacob BROWN and Elizabeth E. JAQUA, on 16 Jun 1900.46 She died on 25 Mar 1958 at North Fairfield, Huron Co., OH, at age 76.47,48 She was buried on 28 Mar 1958 at North Fairfield Cemetary, Huron Co., OH.49

6. Brice N. REED married Mary Alberta HOFFMAN, daughter of John HUFFMAN and Amanda DAUP.50,51 He was born on 17 Sep 1875 at Ohio.52,53,54 He died on 6 Jun 1951 at age 75.55 He was buried on 9 Jun 1951 at Oakland Cemetery, Shelby, Richland, OH.56

7. Mary Alberta HOFFMAN married Brice N. REED, son of Henry A. REED and Elizabeth F. RICHEY.57,58 Her married name was REED.59,60 She died on 4 May 1948.

--- 4th Generation ---

8. Jacob BROWN was a member of the Independent Order of Oddfellows; also, the Masons.61 He was a farmer.62 He was born on 28 Aug 1849 at Hancock County, Ohio.63,64,65,66 He lived in 1866 at Center Township, Williams County, OH.67,68,69 He was not listed as living with his father in the 1870 census, so he probably moved to Henry County before then. He married Eliza Jaqua in April 1872 in Henry County, and bought his first purchase of land in Liberty Township in May 1872 in 1870 at Henry County, Ohio.70 He married Elizabeth E. JAQUA, daughter of Ambrose JAQUA and Leticia EGBERT, on 16 Apr 1872 at Hancock County, Ohio.71 He married Martha A. BROWN, daughter of James BROWN and Eliza Ann MCLAIN, on 14 Nov 1888 at Henry County, Ohio.72,73 He died on 23 Aug 1931 at Marion Township, Hamler, Henry County, Ohio, at age 81.74,75,76 He was buried on 24 Aug 1931 at Woodlawn Cemetery, Deshler, Hancock County, Ohio.77,78,79

9. Elizabeth E. JAQUA80 was French Canadian according to Eva M. Brown history. 1870 federal census of Hancock Co., Marion Twp, states that her father, Ambrose Jaqua, was born in Canada. History of Hancock County, OH, by C.R. Brown, 1886, pg. 456, states that Ambrose Jaqua was born in Lower Canada, and that his father was a Frenchman and mother was Canadian.81 She was born in 1854 at Hancock County, Ohio.82,83 She married Jacob BROWN, son of Henry BROWN and Catherine KELLER, on 16 Apr 1872 at Hancock County, Ohio.84 As of 16 Apr 1872, her married name was BROWN. She died on 9 May 1888 at Marion Township, Henry County, Ohio.85

10. Amos W. WATKINS86 was born in Feb 1847 at Ohio.87,88,89 He married Sarah E. GEORGE, daughter of Charles GEORGE and Catherine ACRE, circa 1868.90,91 He was a tile manufacturer on 1 Jun 1880 at Ohio.92 He was a farmer on 28 Jun 1900 at Ohio.93 He died in Apr 1932 at age 85.94

11. Sarah E. GEORGE.95,96 Her married name was WATKINS.97,98 She was born on 18 May 1852 at Mercer County, Pennsylvania.99,100,101 She married Amos W. WATKINS, son of Robert WATKINS and Susan SHOWALTER, circa 1868.102,103 She died on 21 May 1936 at Henry County, Ohio, at age 84.104,105,106 She was buried on 23 May 1936 at Clymer Cemetery, Henry Co, OH.107

12. Henry A. REED was an operator at Patterson's wollen mill at Newville at Richland County, OH.108 He was born on 27 Nov 1833 at Franklin County, Pennsylvania.109,110,111 He lived in 1860 at Madison Twp, Richland County, OH.112 He married Elizabeth F. RICHEY, daughter of Henderson RITCHIE and Jane PATTERSON, on 16 Jan 1862 at Richland County, OH.113,114 He married Sarah KOONTZ after 1876.115 He died on 21 Mar 1906 at Richland County, OH, at age 72.116

13. Elizabeth F. RICHEY.117 Her married name was REED. She was born on 6 Apr 1836 at OH.118 She married Henry A. REED, son of Peter REED and Nancy BENDER, on 16 Jan 1862 at Richland County, OH.119,120 She died on 6 Sep 1876 at Mifflin Twp, Richland County, OH.121,122

14. John HUFFMAN123 was born at Alsace Lorraine, France.124 He married Amanda DAUP in 1882.125

15. Amanda DAUP married John HUFFMAN in 1882.126 As of 1882, her married name was HOFFMAN.127

--- 5th Generation ---

16. Henry BROWN was a farmer at Washington Township, Hancock, OH.128 He was born on 7 Dec 1810 at Stark, Ohio.129,130 He lived in Oct 1832 at Washington Twp, Hancock, OH.131,132 He married Catherine KELLER on 3 Mar 1833 at Stark County, Ohio.133,134,135,136 He married Leah MYERS on 22 Jun 1856 at Ohio.137,138 He lived in 1866 at Williams, OH.139 He died on 17 Jun 1883 at Williams County, OH, at age 72.140,141 He was buried after 17 Jun 1883 at Bryan, Williams County, Ohio.142

17. Catherine KELLER.143,144 Her married name was BROWN.145,146,147 She was born on 27 May 1812 at Holland.148,149,150,151,152 She immigrated in 1828 to United States.153 She married Henry BROWN, son of Daniel BRAUN and Elizabeth HOWSER, on 3 Mar 1833 at Stark County, Ohio.154,155,156,157 She died on 27 Jan 1853 at Hancock County, Ohio, at age 40.158,159

18. Ambrose JAQUA was also known as Ambrose JAQUAY.160 He was also known as Ambros JAKENAY.161 He was a resident of Marion Twp as of 1886 per History of Hancock County, CR Brown, 1886, pg. 456. Family came to Seneca County, OH, in 1820, and to Marion Twp, Hancock Co, in 1833. He bought a piece of land in Sec. 25 of that Twp.162 He was born on 24 Aug 1813 at Lower Canada.163,164 He lived in 1820 at Seneca County, Ohio.165 He lived in 1833 at Marion Township, Hancock County, Ohio.166 He lived in Oct 1835 at Section 25, Marion Township, Hancock County, Ohio.167 He married Leticia EGBERT, daughter of David EGBERT and Mary WILLIAMS, on 10 Mar 1836.168,169 He died on 15 Apr 1894 at age 80.170,171

19. Leticia EGBERT. Her married name was JAQUA.172 She was also known as Letitia.173 She was born on 15 Dec 1817 at Fairfield Co, Ohio.174,175,176 She married Ambrose JAQUA, son of Richard JAQUA and Elizabeth WILTZE, on 10 Mar 1836.177,178 She died on 15 Jan 1878 at age 60.179,180

20. Robert WATKINS181 married Susan SHOWALTER.182 He married Mary Ann (--?--).183 He was born on 6 Dec 1820 at Wayne Co, Ohio.184,185,186 He died on 21 Feb 1907 at Hancock Co, OH, at age 86.187

21. Susan SHOWALTER.188 Her married name was WATKINS.189 She married Robert WATKINS, son of Susan (--?--).190 She was born on 22 May 1818 at Lancaster Co, PA.191,192 She died on 12 Oct 1850 at age 32.193

22. Charles GEORGE194 Gene Thurston says that the home built by Charles George at about the time of the Civil War still stands and is occupied.195 He was born on 20 Mar 1827 at Allentown, Lehigh County, Pennsylvania.196,197,198 He married Catherine ACRE in 1853.199,200 He ended military service on 11 Feb 1865.201 He married Kate SMITH in 1872.202 He was buried in Jun 1897 at Clymer Cemetery, Union Twp, Hancock County, Ohio.203 He died on 4 Jun 1897 at Union Township, Hancock County, Ohio, at age 70.204

23. Catherine ACRE.205,206,207 Her married name was GEORGE.208 She was born on 14 Sep 1832 at Mercer County, Pennsylvania.209,210,211,212 She married Charles GEORGE, son of John A. GEORGE and Sarah HENRITSY, in 1853.213,214 She was buried in Oct 1870 at Clymer Cemetery, Union Twp, Hancock County, Ohio.215 She died on 14 Oct 1870 at age 38.216

24. Peter REED217 married Nancy BENDER.218 He was born in 1796 at Lurgan Twp, Franklin County, PA.219

25. Nancy BENDER220 married Peter REED.221 Her married name was REED.222 She was born in 1802 at Bedford, PA.223

26. Henderson RITCHIE224 was born on 6 Mar 1810 at Jefferson County, OH.225,226,227 He married Jane PATTERSON, daughter of John PATTERSON and Anne (--?--), on 15 Sep 1836.228 He lived on 9 Jul 1870 at Mansfield, Richland County, Ohio.229 He was buried in 1887 at Lot 635w1/2 Mansfield Cemetery, Richland County, OH.230 He died on 24 Jun 1887 at Mansfield, Richland County, OH, at age 77.231

27. Jane PATTERSON232 farmed in Madison Twp before moving to Mansfield abt 1860 while her husband served as sheriff.233 She was born in 1814 at PA.234,235 As of 15 Sep 1836, her married name was RICHEY.236 She married Henderson RITCHIE, son of Andrew A. RICHEY and Elizabeth Ferguson AITKEN, on 15 Sep 1836.237 She lived in 1869 at South Diamond, Mansfield, Richland County, OH.238 She lived in 1883 at 9 Newman, Mansfield, Richland County, OH.239 She lived in 1886 at 110 East Third, Mansfield, Richland County, OH.240 She lived in 1891 at 94 East Park Avenue, Mansfield, Richland County, OH.241 She was buried in 1894 at Mansfield Cemetery Lot 635w1/2, Mansfield, Richland County, OH.242 She died on 18 Mar 1894 at Mansfield, OH.243

--- 6th Generation ---

32. Daniel BRAUN was born on 1 Jan 1785 at Bedford County, Pennsylvania.244,245 He married Elizabeth HOWSER, daughter of Martin HOUSER and Anna BECHTEL, in 1806.246 He lived on 8 May 1813 at Section One, Nimishillen Twp, Stark County, Ohio.247,248 He died on 18 Nov 1834 at Stark, OH, at age 49.249,250

33. Elizabeth HOWSER.251 Her married name was BRAUN.252 She was also known as Elizabeth HOUSER.253,254 She was born on 28 Dec 1789.255,256,257 She married Daniel BRAUN, son of Mathias BRAUN, in 1806.258 She lived in 1842 at Williams, OH.259 She died on 24 Sep 1854 at Center Township, Williams, OH, at age 64.260,261

36. Richard JAQUA262 cast his first vote for James Madison for President; lifelong supporter of Democratic Party.263 He was born on 9 Apr 1787 at Columbia County, New York.264,265 He married Elizabeth WILTZE on 9 Feb 1809 at Brockville, Canada.266,267 He began military service in 1812 Was living in Canada when drafted by British, fled to US, enlisted and became Colonel from War of 1812.268,269 He lived in 1822 at Gaines Township, Genesee County, New York.270 He was a Mason, Genessee Union Lodge, No. 332 on 28 Aug 1822 at Township of Gaines, Genessee County, NY.271 He lived in Oct 1822 at Melmore, Seneca County, Ohio.272 He began military service on 9 Oct 1826 at Ohio Commissioned Captain of 2nd. Co, 2nd Regiment, 3rd Brigade, 11th Division of State Militia, by Gov. J. Morrow. per obituary, Masonic Review, 1879, Cincinnati, OH., p.144.273 He died on 26 Sep 1878 at residence of his daughter, Oliva, Melmore, Eden Township, Seneca County, Ohio, at age 91.274 He was buried on 28 Sep 1878 at Rock Creek Cemetery, Seneca County, Ohio.275,276

37. Elizabeth WILTZE277,278,279 was Canadian per History of Hancock Co, CR Brown, 1886.280 Her married name was Elizabeth JAQUA.281 She was also known as Elizabeth WILTZA.282 She was born in 1790 at New York.283,284 She married Richard JAQUA on 9 Feb 1809 at Brockville, Canada.285,286 She was buried in 1877 at Rock Creek Cemetery, Seneca County, Ohio.287 She died on 7 May 1877 at Eden Township, Seneca County, Ohio.288

38. David EGBERT married Mary WILLIAMS.289 He lived at Susquehanna River, Northumberland County, Pennsylvania.290 He was born in 1786 at New Jersey.291,292 He lived in 1812 at Bloom Township, Fairfield County, Ohio.293,294 He lived in 1822 at Seneca County, Ohio.295 He lived on 1 Jun 1829 at Jackson Township, Hancock County, Ohio.296 He lived in 1831 at Marion Township, Hancock County, Ohio.297,298 He was elected Justice of the Peace, Marion Twp in 1832.299 He died between 1860 and 1870 at Wood County, Ohio.300

39. Mary WILLIAMS.301 Her married name was EGBERT.302 She was born at New Jersey.303 She married David EGBERT.304 She was born in 1788 at Pennsylvania.305

41. Susan (--?--)306 was born at Virginia.307 She was born in 1789 at Ohio.308

44. John A. GEORGE309,310 fought in the War of 1812, per George history.311 He married Sarah HENRITSY at Allentown, Lehigh, PA.312 He was born in 1796 at Allentown, Lehigh County, PA.313,314 He lived in 1834 at Greenville, PA.315 He married Lydia BENNER in 1846 at Greenville, PA.316 He lived between 1846 and 1853 at Union Center, Hancock County, OH.317 He lived in 1871 at Ionia County, MI.318 He died in 1876 at Ionia County, MI.319

45. Sarah HENRITSY.320 Her married name was GEORGE.321 She died at Greenville, PA.322 She married John A. GEORGE, son of Phillip GEORGE and Anna Margaretha MEYER, at Allentown, Lehigh, PA.323

52. Andrew A. RICHEY324 married Elizabeth Ferguson AITKEN.325 He was born in 1765 at Fayette County, PA.326 He lived in 1815 at Rocky Fork, Richland County, OH.327 He died on 14 Sep 1847 at Richland County, OH.328

53. Elizabeth Ferguson AITKEN.329 Her married name was RICHEY.330 She married Andrew A. RICHEY.331 She was born in 1770 at Fayette County, PA.332 She died on 20 Mar 1855 at Richland County, OH.333

54. John PATTERSON334 married Anne (--?--).335 He was born in 1779.336 He lived in 1836 at Crimson Road, Mifflin Twp, Richland County, OH.337 He died on 15 Jul 1841 at Mifflin Twp, Richland County, OH.338

55. Anne (--?--).339 Her married name was PATTERSON.340 She married John PATTERSON.341 She was born in 1790.342 She died on 4 Apr 1864 at Richland County, OH.343

--- 7th Generation ---

64. Mathias BRAUN344 lived at Lancaster, PA.345

66. Martin HOUSER was born in 1765.346 He died in 1838.347

67. Anna BECHTEL died in 1837.348

88. Phillip GEORGE349 was a plasterer and well digger, per George history.350 He fought in the Revolutionary War, per George history.351 He was convicted of sheep stealing in England along with 12 George men; sentenced to 7 years of indentured service.352 He lived at near Buckrus, Crawford County, OH.353 He was born in 1757 at England.354,355 He immigrated in 1773 to Castle Garden, New York, NY.356 He lived in 1778 at Allentown, Lehigh County, PA.357 He married Anna Margaretha MEYER, daughter of Michael MEYER and Barbara RITTER, in 1790 at Lehigh County, PA.358 He died after 1805 at Allentown, Lehigh County, PA.359,360

89. Anna Margaretha MEYER361 was born on 8 Jun 1769 at Nazareth Twp, Northhampton County, PA.362 She married Phillip GEORGE in 1790 at Lehigh County, PA.363 As of 1790, her married name was GEORGE.364

--- 8th Generation ---

128. Henry BRAUN married Salome (--?--).365 He was born in 1744 at Wurttemberg, Germany.366

129. Salome (--?--).367 Her married name was BRAUN.368 She married Henry BRAUN.369 She was born at Strassburg, Germany.370

178. Michael MEYER371 married Barbara RITTER.372

179. Barbara RITTER373 married Michael MEYER.374 Her married name was MEYER.375

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