Folding the Fraction Mini Book

Blank Templates Blank mini book template with horizontal pages (microsoft word format)
Blank mini book template with vertical pages (microsoft word format)

Project Designs Fraction mini book (pdf format)


Fraction mini book worksheet (pdf format)

fraction01.JPG (4304 bytes)Cut along the lines on either end...

fraction02.JPG (3846 bytes)leaving a square.

fraction03.JPG (3851 bytes)With the plain side up, fold the paper in half vertically..

fraction04.JPG (3416 bytes)Unfold and then fold the paper in half horizontally.

fraction05.JPG (3763 bytes)Turn the paper with the printed side up...

fraction06.JPG (2824 bytes)...fold the bottom and top to the center...

fraction07.JPG (3386 bytes)...and fold the left and right sides to the center.

fraction08.JPG (4630 bytes)Cut along the three lines...

fraction09.JPG (3929 bytes) create a big "M".

fraction10.JPG (3627 bytes)Accordion-fold the pages of the book...

fraction11.JPG (4141 bytes)...until all the pages are folded.

fraction12.JPG (3191 bytes)Fold the cover in half.

fraction13.JPG (3409 bytes)Glue the front and back of the book...

fraction14.JPG (3908 bytes)...and press it place inside the cover.

fraction15.JPG (3959 bytes)Your book is finished!