Fantastic Flexible Foldables

by Carol DeFreese


Presented at

Interface B 2011
February 2011

NCTM Annual Meeting & Exposition
April 2011

NCTM Regional Conference & Exposition
October 2011


Fraction Mini Book Factors and Multiples Mini Book Fortune Teller Factor Game Geometry Tetraflexagon Integer Infinity Square Flippers (Fraction, Decimal, Music) Lines Trihexaflexagon


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Fraction Mini Book

Writing fractions as mixed numbers, writing mixed numbers as improper fractions, simplifying fractions, adding and subtracting fractions and mixed numbers, multiplying and dividing fractions and mixed numbers— nearly everything you ever wanted to know about fractions and mixed numbers is contained in this little book.

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Factors and Multiples Mini Book

This mini book explains the meaning of multiples, common multiples and least common multiples, and then looks at factors, common factors and greatest common factors.

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Fortune Teller Factor Game

Your students’ knowledge of factors and greatest common factors will be put to the test in this two-player game.

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Geometry Tetraflexagon

By folding and unfolding this project, your students can explore the properties of five types of quadrilaterals—squares, parallelograms, trapezoids, rectangles and rhombuses.

integers.jpg (13679 bytes)

Integer Infinity Square

Your students will be able to review facts about integer operations with this project.  By folding the upper rectangles backward, each operation is revealed in a round-robin fashion, with the last fold returning the square to the first operation.

flipper20001.jpg (4392 bytes)

Fraction Flipper, Decimal Flipper, Music Flipper

By turning the flaps of the fraction flipper, your students will see various ways to divide a whole into fractional parts.  The flipper is especially good at illustrating the importance of the size (and not just the number) of fractional  pieces in determining the fractional representation for each part of the whole. The decimal and music flippers extend the concept of parts of a whole.

thex.jpg (5927 bytes)

Lines Trihexaflexagon

By folding and refolding this project, your students will discover three formulas that are essential for writing and analyzing linear equations.  Important information about the slopes of lines and examples for using the three forms of the equation of a line are also included in this project.



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