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Mobile Windshield Rock Chip Repair!


Did you know that if you work a couple hours a day, repair 3 windshields five days per week, you would generate a profit of nearly $40,000 annually doing windshield repair?

It's truly amazing!

You'll be helping automotive and fleet service owners save thousands of dollars in windshield replacements and avoid high deductibles and insurance premiums. Join the fastest growing and most profitable home-based business opportunity in the country. Let me help you get started! Work individually or hire several service technicians to work for you! Set your own hours and income!

Enjoy low overhead cost! You'll make repairs at customer homes or businesses!

High profits and easy to learn!

Proven sales and prospecting system!

Professional training material!

Low startup cost and equipment purchase!

You'll receive upcoming training schedules with fees for live classes or online training, a FREE information video, contact numbers, catalogs, ordering information, federal and state business start-up procedures, fundamentals of windshield repair, tips for getting started, photo samples of repairs order, sales and marketing training information, and insurance company safe repair information. In addition, you'll get all your questions.




Here's your major contact for this listing

Delta Kits, Inc.

P.O. Box 26509

Eugene, OR 97402- 0467

Toll free 1. 888. 811. 3451


Fax: 1. 541. 345.1591


For more information about rock chip repair, you can reach a Delta Kits Representative anytime between 8am-5pm PST



Learn How to Start a Windshield Rock Chip Repair Business



Starting a Windshield Repair Business - Brent Deines, owner of the Windshield Repair Forum, offers tips about how to start a windshield repair business. He covers windshield repair kits, resin, equipment and other supplies needed to get started repairing windshield chips and cracks. [24 min.]



Upcoming Windshield Repair Training Classes



Entire Auto Glass Repair Kits & Catalog



Windshield Rock Chip Repair Training

and Informational Videos | YouTube Media


Domini Windshield Repair

P. O. Box 30521

Alexanderia, VA 30521


Mobile windshield rock chip repair service is a great choice for a
home-based business. Get the real story from an insider who has built
a successful windshield repair service in the eBook!

Windshield Repair: An Insider's Guide To Success

Download it for $19.95 at the link below via PayPal




What insurance companies say about Windshield Rock Chip Repair!


State Farm Insurance - Safe repairs can be made of most small breaks, and it makes sense to do so since a new windshield may cost $300 or more. Download their information at



Insurance Coverages  Cracks at the edge of the windshield tend to spread very quickly and can compromise the structural integrity of the glass. If they're caught in time, they can be repaired.




How to start a Windshield Repair Business in your state State by State Startup Requirements




Easy Sales & Prospecting System for Windshield Repair


FREE and EASY - is your business training material for generating repeat business by using existing customers as referrals for family members and friends. These individuals will become the unpaid members of your sales team.







Windshields are made of laminated safety glass. Laminated refers to the layer of PVB (polyvinyl butyral) sandwiched between two layers of glass during the manufacturing process. Review this training material




These types of windshield rock chips can usually be repaired, including tips for the best repairs




Computerized Windshield Repair Kit: The Eliminator


The One-Touch Eliminator is the world's first and only computerized windshield repair kit. The "hands free" repair process is completely managed by the on board computer software to produce consistent, high quality repairs, time and time again, whether you are a seasoned technician or a novice just learning windshield repair. To order call 800.441.4527 * Website:

Fax: 970.247.9375 * 434 Turner Dr., Durango, CO 81303 U.S.A.




Examine repairs in progress




Frequently Asked Questions


Click on the link below to get your questions answered



Sample repair order





Do-It-Yourself Windshield Repair Kit.


Kit includes

1 gram bottle of repair resin, repair device, curing strips, sleeve

razor blade, and instruction sheet


Kit is good for multiple repairs

By the makers of Fix-A-Flat



Windshield Pro Glass

This is the only kit available to consumers that will allow you to do multiple repair jobs!

The kit is reusable with additional windshield glass resin. Fix bulls eyes and other types of damages! 



Windshield Repair One-component System - .17fl oz Syringe by LOCTITE

Make Money with Windshield Rock Chip Repair!




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