How to Fix Your Rheem Heat Pump (Air Conditioning)
System That Fails to Cool

Complaint: Compressor will not start/no condenser fan
Inside blower and thermostat works ok!
Model: RPKA 035JAZ Rheem Heat Pump

Temperature today in Arkansas reached 92 degrees so I decided to fire-up my air conditioning system after letting it idle for  nearly 2 months of perfect weather. When I hit the switch, the fan turned on inside the house and the thermostat worked, but no cool air was at the vents. Neither would the outside unit (condenser) turn on.
Here's how I fixed this problem...
1. Remove the 4 screws, holding the back cover to the condenser
2. Test for current at L1 and L3 on the starter (shown below) with a voltmeter set at 240V AC

3. Now check the voltage at terminals T1 & T3 - the voltage should be 240 volts when the starter bar is pressed down. The bar is located between L1 and T1. Use a screwdriver with insulated handle to press down on the bar to make contact with the breaker points. Now record your final reading. If it is 240v, the starter switch is good. If there is no voltage or very little voltage when the bar is pressed, replace the starter.

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4. If the condenser fan does no run when the starter bar is pressed down, replace the capacitor. The Model RPKA 035JAZ uses a dual function capacitor for "kick starting" both the compressor and the fan at the same time.

Turn off all power to the condenser, prior to making repairs...!
The power should be shut-down at the breaker box outside near the condenser.
Do not attempt to service the seal system or the electrical system without
proper training - you may be electrocuted!

5. Make sure to install wires in their correct position. The capacitor terminals are labeled "Com," "Fan," and "Hep."  Take a picture of the wiring arrangement or label with tape - noting the position of each wire terminal as shown below...

6. If you get confused or forget to label your wires, no problem. Use the schematic found inside the cover...

7. Reinstall the heat pump cover and you're done!

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