"Get a Free Car on Craigslist"


Rarely do you find people giving away FREE cars, but when you do, it's hard to leave a good deal behind. This BMW was given to me free by an owner who could no longer afford the repair costs. Craigslist.org has a "free" section in the "for sale" section of the site. Many visitors search this section to find freebies. Today, I want to challenge you to 'give a gift' to help people in need. What will you'll get in return? Thanks! Appreciation! Maybe, nothing but "peace of mind" and a feeling of joy for helping others in need! 


Give something away (today in free stuff) that is lying around the house, not being used. If you expect someone to give you a car, be willing to give something away of value. Visit the "wanted" section on Craigslist and make someone wish come true! Giving free stuff is a great thing to do during the holidays or during economic hard times when people need a helping hand.

Use the USA Craigslist Searcher to Help You Find a Free Car 
or to Help You Give a Car to a Needy Family

To find a free car, type-in the search box above a manufacturer plus 
"zip or free stuff" - such as "acura free stuff" or "buick zip" or search the entire U.S. for 
free cars or trucks by clicking on the links below! "zip" is a free category on Craigslist


Acura, Audi, Buick, Cadillac
Chevrolet, Chevy, Chrysler, Daewoo
Datsun, Dodge, Fiat, Ford
Geo, GMC, Honda, Hyunda
Isuzu, Jeep, Kia,Mazda
Mercury, Mitsubishi, Nissan
Oldsmobile, Opel, Plymouth
Pontiac, Renault, Saab, Saturn
Subaru, Suzuki, Toyota
Triumph, Volkswagen, Volvo

If no free cars are available, look for older model cheap cars that runs or fixer-up cars being sold 
for several hundred dollars. Ask the owner to let you pay a little each month. 
Type-in "1987 cto" or "1988 cto" or  "$200 cto" or "$300 cto" "cto" means for sale by owner. 
Check the "free stuff" section every day and keeping typing - miracles still happens!

To give a car to a needy family, read and evaluate requests being made by typing-in 
"free car wanted" or "car wanted" or "free car wanted cto
Use your heart and common sense to make the right selection!

Don't get frustrated if a free car is not found! Here's another little trick that will get you a free car - fast. For example, click on the Acura link below and go to search. Inside the search box, you'll see the code: site:craigslist.org/bar/ acura Press "search" and you'll find Acura cars for barter or trade. Change "Acura" to "Chevy" if you prefer but do not disturb the search string. "acura "Read the descriptions, and find a car that meets you need. What does the owner want? If you have something of value the owner  wants, make the offer to trade! To find out more about bartering - click here.

After looking through some of the Craigslist postings, are you sure that a free car is what you need? If you still think so, how soon should you expect a car after doing something nice for others?

Answer. Maybe never, but that the very time the principle work - when you least expect it! 

If you want a free car...
1. You Need a Statement of Need
2. You Need a Searcher to Look all Over Craigslist 
3. You Need to Contact Info for Emailing or Calling
4. You Need to Look the Car Over Before Picking It Up (Use My Checklist)
5. You Need Proper Title to Make the Donation Legitimate
6. You Need Insurance or Liability and a Tag (to Register the Car w/the City_
7. You Need to Make Appropriate Repairs and Have It Maintained

If you're Giving the Car Away...
1. You Need to Decide If You Want to Post on CL and Be Flooded with Emails or
    People Coming to Your Home
2. Evaluate Posts or Requests Already Submitted in the "Wanted" Section or
    "Cars/Trucks for Sale" section
3. You Need to Determine Your Selection Method (Are You Considering the
    the Greatest Need or the First Person to the Deal? It's Your Choice
4. You Need to Know If the Person Will Use the Car as a Charitable Contribution
    or Turn Around an Resell it for Profit
5. You Need to Decide If this Even Matters - If so, ask for assurances before
    handing over the keys and title
6. You Need to know If You're Going to Be Hassled for Repeat Donations through
    Calls or Email Messages
7. You Need to Feel Good About Making the Right Choice and Helping a Family in Need

Remember - "There are Some Things in Life That Can't be Bought or Sold!"

"Cast your bread on the waters, for you shall find it after many days."

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