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 To search for lowrider cars - click on lowrider

Use the searcher to find lowrider, rat rod, lifted, raised, lowered, muscle car, prerunner,
slammed, airbags, bagged, cruiser, hot rod, and sound on Craigslist.

Type in what you want - for e.g. "bluetooth" or "digital camera" or "muscle car" or "laptop computer"
To search for specific items in "for sale" - click on each link and then type-in the item you  want
Do not disturb the codes! For e.g. blackberry  "mob" is cell phone
For e.g. 2000 ford explorer  "cto" is cars+trucks


Use the Statewide Craigslist Search Engines Below to Narrow Your Search

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Google Codes to Enhance Search:  &as_qdr=m  - use "m," "w," or "d" date/time stamp"
* - Add to end of Google search string after search results, then reload page

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