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Two Yale University students have launched, which pays cash for your old gadgets. CNN's Maggie Lake reports. Source: CNN

SC Waste Recyclers Guide - View hundreds of pages of contact information, products and services of waste recyclers in South Carolina. Learn how to make $6,000 monthly recycling stuff and how to profit from dumpster diving. Free eBooks download and more...

Make a Fortune Removing Plated Gold from Old Computers, Electronics Waste & Telecommunications Scrap (See Left Index) - Free Gold Coins eBook...

    How To Start Your Own Paper Recycling Business

    One of the easiest and oldest ways of making extra money, is by collecting old newspapers and selling them to a recycling plant in your locale. Some "paper recyclers" are making more than $100,000 a year. Generally, the going rate for newspapers dropped off at a central collection depot is 2 cents per pound or $50 per ton or more; used cardboard, $75 a ton; and high-grade office paper as mush as $2120 per ton. Learn how to start your own paper recycling business with no cash, a sign on the side of your truck or trailer, and driving through neighborhoods collecting  door to door. Read the entire article by Butch Adamick...

How to Make Money Recycling - Recycling is a 
Quick Way to Make Money at Home 
    Saving plastic,aluminum cans, books, CDs, DVDs, aluminum, e-waster, clothing and glass bottles are all ways to make money recycling. To locate a local recycling center, check the phone book, or visit which provides information on local recycling centers

    Make Money Recycling: Get Paid to Recycle by 15 Websites

    Tired of getting a small $7 credit (or perhaps no credit at all) for curbside recycling in your city? Or perhaps you have old broken cell phones, laptops, or even golf balls laying around?  In writing 26 Green Websites that Save You Money, I discovered these 15 websites that actually pay you to recycle your old stuff (Make Money Recycling Cell Phones, Ink Cartridges, Cardboard Boxes, Golf Balls, General Electronics and Get Paid to Reduce Your Energy Consumption)

    By Elizabeth Sanberg

    Office supply stores like Staples will pay a few dollars for each printer or toner cartridge returned for recycling. These cartridges can be refilled and reused, so most manufacturers are eager to have them returned.

    How to Make Money Recycling Construction Waste | 

    Many contractors simply throw away materials that could easily be recycled, reused or sold. Wood, steel, aluminum, copper and good quality doors and windows are all easily reusable and have a market value.

    Automotive Wastes

    Sell Your Scrap Catalytic Converters and Scrap Oxygen Sensors - Shipments  Accepted - Click Here

    Commonly Recycled Materials 

    This guide informs consumers aobut commonly recycled materials - batteries, plastic, paper, glass, aluminum, steel, motor oil, tires, toxics, refrigerators, computer printers, and more. Special attention is given to materials that are poorly understood or hard to recycle, like motor oil and rechargeable batteries. You find the world's shortest comprehensive recycling guide...

    How to Make Money in the Home Based
Salvage and Recycling Business

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