FREE Church Pews Now Available on Craigslist! 
Hundreds Given Away - No Money Needed!

This is the CRAZIEST thing I've ever heard! Church groups are giving away FREE pews all across the country as part of their expansion and renovation projects. Some really nice pews are being given away to make room for new furnishings and to prevent costly storage and handling charges. Many go unclaimed and are salvaged, while other sit in warehouses waiting for your or your group to call.

Here's how it works...
Simply type the desired search terms "church pews zip" or " pews zip" or church furniture zip"" in the search box below.  The word "zip" is a free category on Craigslist. If no free pews are found  within your travel limits, look for bargain pews in your local area or state. Just leave the word "zip" or "free stuff" off. This is truly amazing! TRY IT!
Search All of Craigslist
If you use the search string: site:craigslist.org/zip/ church pews
do not add "zip" or disturb the code (change the item name only)


Here are samples of church pews I've found...

****22 Nice Church Pews for Free!!****
Beautiful Church pews for free. Padded, Oak veneer, very nice.

Church Pews 
4 - 17 ft maple church pews available; in good condition.

27 Church Pews
25 years old, dark oak laminate. 27 pews of 8' to 21' lengths.
 Free to anybody who will disassemble and haul away.

Church Pews
Solid oak church pews with upholstery...great condition...need to picked up asap

      2 Church Pews for Free Come and Pick Up!
2 long church pews that are yours to pick up. 


You Must Act Now or They'll Be Gone!

Thank you kindly!
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