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Cunningham Metals, Inc. buys metal from individuals, dealers and industries. 

They sort and process various types of ferrous and non-ferrous metals, some manually and some mechanically. 

They provide a facility to recycle everything from aluminum cans to automobiles. 

They will assist you in unloading your scrap metal and provide fair pricing to customers. 


Metal Pricing

They pay based on current market pricing, such as: 

Short Iron     $12.00 cwt
Long Iron     $ 9.00 cwt*
Cars            $ 9.00 cwt*
Tin               $ 9.00 cwt*
Cast Iron     $ 8.00 cwt*
D. Motors    $ 9.00 cwt*

#1 Copper       $2.65 lb
#2 Copper       $2.50 lb
Brass              $1.00 - 1.50lb
Radiators        $1.40 lb
Cl Aluminum       .45 lb
D Aluminum        .10 lb
Cans                   .55 lb
Cl Stainless         .40 lb
D Stainless          .25 lb
Batteries              .10 lb
Elect. Mtrs           .10 lb

* - cwt=price per 100 ounds (Click Here for Latest Update)

Office Hours:

Monday–Friday 8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. Russellville, Arkansas, at (888) 820-2959 

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TRG is Arkansas’s oldest & largest scrap metal recycling center offering roll-off containers for industrial scrap, automobile shredding, aluminum recycling, and statewide recycling locations in Harrison, Berryville, Little Rock, Jonesboro, Hot Springs & 
Rogers Arkansas...

4500 W. Bethany Rd.
North Little Rock, AR 72117
phone: (501) 945-0881
fax: (501) 945-3865

Website: locations
Some of our facilities also recycle paper, plastic and cardboard. Visit our scrap yard locations below... 

Tenenbaum Recycling Group, LLC
    4500 W. Bethany Rd, North Little Rock, AR 72117
    Phone  (501) 945-0881
    Accept: Iron, Steel, and Nonferrous metals.

TRG Jonesboro, LLC
    130 Flint St. Jonesboro, AR 72401 
    Phone (870) 932-8361
    Accept: Books, magazines, newspaper, plastic, paper, glass, 
    aluminum, copper, brass, iron, steel, stainless steel.

TRG Harrison, LLC
    316 W Industrial Park Rd
    Harrison, AR 72601
    Phone (870) 741-8080
    Accept: Ferrous and Nonferrous metals,
    paper, cardboard, and plastic.

TRG Berryville

    903 Freeman Switch Rd
    Berryville, AR 72616
    Phone (870) 423-3380
    Accept: Ferrous and Non ferrous metals.

TRG Hot Springs, LLC
    4400 Malvern Rd
    Hot Springs, AR 71901
    (501) 262-3420
    Accept: Ferrous and Nonferrous metals.

TRG Rogers, LLC
   3459 N. Arkansas St.
   Rogers, AR 72756
    (479) 621-8800
   Accept: Ferrous and Nonferrous Metals - Car Bodies, Old Appliances, Aluminum Cans, Copper, Brass, and Stainless Steel..

To locate a local recycling center, check the phone book, look-up their phone number, addresses and other contact information at..
 Not Associated with Cunnigham Metals, TRG, or Earth911

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