A Short History

Alte Deutsche Schrift, or old German script in the German language, was used for a variety of documents. This writing style has its origins traced b ack to the early 1500's and looks to have evolved from the Gothic cursive handwriting which was used during the times of medieval Europe.

By the end of the 18th century the "modern" form of the script was established and standardized. This style was taught in schools throughout German speaking areas until the 1940's.

A newer handwriting style, Sütterlin script, began to be accepted as the primary script in German schools in 1915, and by 1934 it had all but eliminated the older script.



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We provide our services free of charge. We are a father and son team and are not certified in the area of transcription but merely enjoy the challenge. We do have experience with the German language and can provide some minimal translation if so requested. We do not have the capacity to transcribe/translate large amounts of text. At this point we have been able to provide help in transcription and translation on many different documents for many different people.

We hope that by providing this service gratis family researchers who are on a limited budget can find information from the transcribed documents that will help them in their search.

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German Occupations Listing

This page provides a number of German occupations and their English translations. Click here.

Good References

For a great reference book relating to genealogical documents try:
German-English Genealogical Dictionary, Ernest Thode
It's not only a dictionary but also provides symbols, abbreviations, and writing styles seen in German legal documents.

Also, for a handy reference tool try QuickDic at:
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