Information about these fine sail boats and their proud owners.
(Also a place to follow progress on my Ingrid sail boat project.)

We Are Back! (Almost)

After about 2 year, I have finally found the time and a new Web Host for this web site. There is still much to be done to update the site and you will, most likely, find error or outdated information. Please feel free to send me a reminder of anything that needs my attention. I have tried to maintain a file of Ingrid owner changes and will be working on that first. If I missed any of these changes, please resubmit that information. My new email

PROBLEM!! I may have to move this site again, since this web host only allows 5 megbits of online storage. (I'm already up to 5.25 meg ) The old site was up to about a Gigabit. Therefore, I had to leave a lot of pictures "off site". I am trying to arrange to put these pictures and files on another host site and link to them from this site. If I move this site to another Host Server, I will still maintain the main page at this URL so you will still be able to find the whole site and files. I expect that I will have unlimited storage with this new arrangement, So, Keep the Pictures coming.

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Recently Discovered Ingrids

(Hull No., Previous Name or Owners unknown)

Ingrid Rose

Currently Listed For Sale (listed twice on this site)

Location: Sausalito, CA

Pictures from listing.


Currently Listed For Sale

Location: Deltaville, VA

Pictures from listing.


Hull #71

Current Listed: For Sale

Brokerage Link

Location: Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Pictures from listing.


Currently Listed For Sale

Location: Ft. Myers, FL

Pictures from listing.


Currently Listed For Sale

Location: Great Lakes, MI

Pictures from listing.

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Other INGRIDs (Alajuela 38, Orca 38,Bently 38.)

INGRID DRAWINGS (These are >.PDF files. High resolution .JPG files are available on request.)

Interesting collection of Pictures.
"Old LaPaz, Gathering of the INGRIDs"

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