Hooked on Dulcimers!

Long ones, Short ones, Skinny ones, Fat ones... 
The Mountain dulcimer, building, drawing plans and playing this instrument, or the Longneck dulcimer consumes my life like an addiction...... Hi, My name is Wendell and I am retired and living in the hills of Arkansas. The perfect place to practice my hobby; far enough away from everyone so as to avoid getting pelted with rocks for all to frequently hitting bad notes. Here are a few examples of my creations. I Like to think of them as creations, not construction projects. Thus to date no two have been built alike. ( RIGHT CLICK ON PICTURE FOR BETTER VIEW ) Hopefully each successive instrument will in some way be better then the last. I build mostly for myself, family and friends. I have built a few custom orders. Also due to the problem of having too many around the house I have let a few go on e-bay. At the present time my passion is for what I call my "Longneck" dulcimer. Fun to play and the ability to "sound out", with other instruments.
PLANS !!  Finally!!  available, here !Plans for standard  Mountain Dulcimer,  My  Longneck dulcimer, and for my  "A'Line style dulcimer."
These are  offered in  free for downloading zipped package on the Plans and Tips page .
See photo documentation of building a "Longneck " dulcimer 
TRANSPOSE CHORDS, new , Tri-Ring Wheel. Transpose chords in one major key to another. A simple tool to find the notes in a major chord or determine the key signature. A nice tool for the novice, and may be of some benifit as a teaching aid. CAUTION, Some assembly required !! click on wheel for free down load.
TIPS, Check out the "Plans" page for tips on "things that deal with the building of dulcimers".
Pass it on, and include how you would like to be credited. 
Take a few minutes and check it out.
Example 1 : My son playing the prototype Longneck "Happy". Made as a birthday present for him.
Files are mp3s about 1/2 mil. bytes. Well worth the wait.
Wav. Example 2: A more traditional Dulcimer sound, Turkey In The Straw, and Wav. Example 3, Battle Of New Orleans, played by my son, "Ray" 
Example 1 
Wav. Example 2:
Wav. Example 3:
Check back soon to see my progress! 
Any questions regarding this page or DULCIMERS drop me a note.
Photos building Longneck
page 2 Longneck photos
page 3 Longneck photos
Plans and Tips


New !!  Hear a musician (my son) play a stick.  This Rocks !!
New!!  Baritone A'Line, A little rhythm sample by my Grandson
 Hear a non-musician (me) play a stick.

New !!  Gallery, Check out some of my other instruments.