Bitaheaven Birmans

About Birmans
What to expect from a Birman:

Companionable, loving, beautiful, mischievous and curious are words that describe a Birman. They rarely meet a stranger and are rarely intimidated by new circumstances. They have a tremendous amount of self-confidence, but aren't aloof. Each Birman has it's own individual personality but the breed as a whole has common characteristics. Birmans will follow you around much like a dog. They do not like closed doors. They are positive that they need to get at whatever it is that is on the other side of the closed door. They want to be with you, near you, watching, interacting, or helping with whatever it is you are doing.

They aren't particularly talkative but will let you know when they want something. Occasionally we will have a slightly more vocal kitty but they seem to be the exception. They are not hyperactive, but have a true sense of fun and are playful into their elderly years.

Does this sound like a companion for you? Are you willing to make a lifetime commitment to this companion, because it is a lifetime commitment? This companion will depend on you for not only food, shelter and medical care, but also for love and companionship. They will depend on you to make the decisions for their well being that they cannot make for themselves. If you are willing to make that commitment, you will be rewarded with great love and joy.
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