Ultraviolet Nature Photography

The lens was a single coated Zuiko 55mm f1.2 lens. at f 2.8 on a 7mm extension tube.

B+W 403 UV filter on Infrared Ektachrome E6     Visible Light image with Kodak Gold 200

(The big stinky flower)

Comparison Night Heron photographs with Kodak (EIR) Infrared Ektachrome E6 film and fresnel lens projected flash.


W87 on EIRSchott UG1 on EIR

    My Tiffen brand circular polarizer has a fairly neutral density over most of the visual range.

    The spectrum at left shows that the transmittance corresponds to the strong polarization effects obtained in the ultraviolet and rapid fall off in the infrared beyond 800 nanometers!

The Yellow #12 blocks blue and ultraviolet wavelengths. This is a fairly typical "band pass" or "cut-off" spectrum.
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