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Victim Advocacy Groups


Let's discuss women who operate organizations intended to champion social "causes", most especially, but not only, the cause of boys in school.  First, these women can run the game out of a home that partially becomes a tax write-off, get a terrific tax deduction for "charity" work, get a steady flow of donations and often tax money to support their efforts, achieve some measure of phony self-worth, do some occasional talking and hand out "information" -- but never actually DO anything to end the reason for their "cause".  It's especially pathetic when these groups are run by women who are attorneys and thus know full well that most of their "cause" could be solved or eliminated with a law suit properly filed and defended in court.*  But THAT approach would end their easy gravy train, wouldn't it?  Best to keep the "cause" going, but not too severe a "problem", milk the "victim" angle, for as long as humanly possible.  Study it ad infinitum.  Talk it to death.  But, for God's sake, don't EVER actually DO anything!  After all, it's certainly NOT about the "cause"; it's REALLY all about "me".


When you step back and think about it, it's not so surprising at all.  This country is full of all sorts of "victim advocacy groups", most notably the many thousands of groups that work in a loosely coordinated effort dealing with countless "women's issues".  Most such groups are rather small, but they all have definite financial incentives.  There is very little if any overhead in establishing these endeavors.  There is funding provided by government and charity donations.  There is the avoidance of taxes due to the "non-profit" label.  There is the ability to "write off" all sorts of "business expenses", such as those annual conventions in Cancun or Milan, the car, even the computer and telephone.  There is now a whole generation of incessant propaganda that has already thoroughly trained everyone to accept it all on blind faith.  When you add it all up, it represents a zero risk, very easy enterprise with little or no taxes and all sorts of extra and lucrative side benefits -- all masquerading under some "altruistic" veneer. 

And, best of all, it's all totally free of accountability.

Logically, the objective of any such endeavor is to keep it going, even grow it by steadily broadening the base, by slickly changing and broadening definitions to include ever more "victims", by incessantly beating the propaganda drum to keep everyone marching to the same old tune.  The one objective that is not part of the equation is to end the reason for the advocacy group to exist - the theoretical "victimhood" of the target group.  On the contrary, the primary objective is entirely the opposite.  The primary objective is to perpetuate the "victimhood", to even somehow grow it with all sorts of new angles, to study it, to talk about it forever, to ensure, to guarantee, that it never ever ends.  Viewed from a historical perspective, and from the perspectives of other cultures throughout the world, all those groups championing American women begin to take on an air of the petty, the pathetic, the self-involved, even the childish.  It's also just enormously embarrassing: If it takes Americans well over a half century to learn something so incredibly simple, they ALL must be far and away the dumbest animals on the planet.

I've been listening to the dictates of these groups every single day of my now quite lengthy lifetime, and what's most telling of all is the fact that they are all still whining the same songs their grandmothers did fifty years ago.  Absolutely nothing creates, grows and perpetuates "victims" better than charity-based, law- and regulation-mandated, government supported and tax exempt "victim advocacy groups", and there are many tens of thousands of them living high off the free hog for the past half century in this country.  THAT's why they exist, and THAT's why they, apparently, NEVER show any "progress", just keep harping on the same things their ancestors did during the first part of the last century - decades after any legitimate basis for the complaints vanished.  The most important method employed by these groups is "marketing" - churning out the endless propaganda that keeps the train rolling, and most especially on our thoroughly oppressive forced indoctrination centers we still euphemistically call our "higher education" campuses. 

This is one really BIG and very powerful industry.

An unavoidable side effect of all this, of course, is our boys.  If women are inherently natural born permanent "victims", then they must be victims of inherently natural-born permanent "oppressors".  We drum that "natural" guilt - a guilt as a consequence of simple accident of birth -- into our boys for every waking moment of their lives, from every medium.  Generation after generation.  And just what effect does that  have?  Who cares?  Boys aren't allowed to have their own lobbies, interest groups or political machines in America.   It all ends up creating the very males who victimize the victims whom the victim advocacy groups seek to champion!  A totally brainless never-ending, ever-worsening, cycle.

Self-fulfilling prophesies....  Everyone learns their respective roles....  For "feminists", the Ultimate Objective.  Perpetual victims!

After a while, you begin to wonder if it's all a very twisted Master Plan.


There ought to be a law that grants these groups a life of no more than ten years.  If they want to renew their status for another ten year increment, they have to prove they have made real measurable progress toward their originally stated objective - an objective that was originally proven to be actually valid.  If they can't do that, they must go out of business, completely loose their legitimacy and go on a list of banned fraud groups -- as a totally ineffective endeavor accomplishing absolutely nothing for society except perpetuating a self-serving "problem" on the taxpayer's dime.  After all, just what sense does it make for society to continue to support endeavors that only ensure that their championed "problem" is never  fixed?  That's just the epitome of societal stupidity, something so absurd that it makes us all  look like bona fide idiots.

In lieu of such a law, it's best to just view all such groups as having absolutely nothing at all to do with the championed "victims", but rather with those running the group for their own self-serving financial objectives -- for "me" and "now" -- and dismiss them outright as phony frauds.  Just imagine -- how to make a very lucrative lifetime career out of doing nothing but whining the same whine, for centuries.  There are very few things more bizarre than honoring a very rich old lady who has spent 75 years championing women... and being at a total loss to find something she actually accomplished on behalf of women, or on behalf of anyone beyond herself for that matter.  But 75 years of her relentless propaganda sure did make everyone "aware" of the "problem", and sure did provide her a comfortable life devoid of risk. 

And the saddest thing of all?  Take it from a man who has been there watching carefully all along: the only real difference between American women of 1960 and American women of 2010 is that American women of 1960 didn't whine 1/100th as much as American women of 2010 do -- DESPITE being much worse off. 

And the men of 1960 were not nearly the creeps and dumb losers they are today.


The single most crippling cancer systematically undermining the United States of America is the enormously powerful, totally self-interested and incessantly pervasive feminist machine, and most especially that feminist machine dictating ad nauseam from its very safe taxpayer-supported and protected socialist bastion of American higher academia.  These pontificating feminists have become America's officially sanctioned, and even officially supported, bigots.  Nothing is more responsible for promoting the "victim" culture that now permeates our entire society than almighty feminism.  Nothing is more responsible for fostering self-involvement as a life philosophy

Victims, of course, cannot be blamed.  Being a "victim" is so very enticing simply because it neatly absolves one of responsibility, of accountability.  And being a "perpetual victim" is the best of all; it ensures unaccountable royalty - responsible for nothing beyond "me" and "now", forever.  The hard stuff, naturally, is for "someone else".

To all you whining women who can't stand the "men" losers around you - just remember that you get what you teach.  Those "men" certainly didn't create themselves.  Then ask your "feminist" mother, "Just what the hell were you thinking?!"  And then ask yourself what you are going to do for your daughters - about those boys who will  become the "men" around them.  There are always prices to pay for the choices we make.  It is NOT all about "me" and "now", forever.


I know of one such group run by a woman attorney -- with two young sons!  She views it all as a nifty way to significantly augment her alimony with little or no effort.  Even the boys are tax deductions!


Robert J. Lavin, US Regular Army (ret)
Lakeside, Montana         26 March 2009

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